The all new Harry Potter website is all you need to cure your Quarantine Blues

Feeling down lately? Quarantine has got us all stuck at home and bored. At first, this felt like a long vacation but now we are realising that this only the beginning. It might be hard to keep yourself entertained during this quarantine. Netflix loses its charm after a point, we all we have watched the reruns on TV. .

The Harry Potter website

What’s the cure?

But don’t you worry. For all the Potterheads out there, the new Harry Potter website is all you need to escape this boredom. We all have escaped into the world of Harry Potter to find tranquillity at some point. Does not matter if you are old or young, Harry Potter is beloved by all. Hence, to tackle the issues of boredom and for parents, caregivers and guardians with kids, J.K. Rowling has specially designed this website for that purpose. So head on to 

Enjoy Harry Potter during the Quarantine

What does it have?

This website contains all kinds of magical wonders that Harry Potter has, it is designed to keep boredom at bay and to take you into a deep dive of the fantasy. It has quizzes, magical craft videos, puzzles and a lot more. Thanks to our generous contributors at Bloomsbury and Soclastic, the world has given us one more cure to boredom.

So during this time, stay home, explore the magical world of Harry Potter yet again and don’t forget to wash your hands.


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