The Amazing Hawkeye and 12 of The Most Amazing Hawkeye Fan Arts

Hawkeye, in my opinion, is one of the most relatable and yet the most unrealistic superheroes. He is a human, without any kind of super powers, and just an uncanny aim; someone who never seems to miss any of his targets.


Unlike his compatriots in the Avengers, Hawkeye is the most ‘normal’ individual walking amongst super humans and gods. Everyone has something or the other – Steve has the super serum, Natasha (if you go by comics) has some version of it, Thor is literally a god, and even Iron Man has his armor of metal. But it is only Clinton Francis Barton’s Hawkeye who is bereft of any such extravaganzas.

Jeremy Renner, for his part, has been one of the most apt casting choices when it comes to the character of Hawkeye. Not that Marvel has had many misses on that department. And despite having the least amount of screen time, he has managed to garner a lot of love from the fans.


It is because of these fans that Disney decided to kick start the Disney+ Marvel series Hawkeye. And although it will have both hawkeyes – Clint Barton as well as his protégé Kate Bishop; the show has been a long time coming.

To commemorate the fact that we are finally getting some one-on-one Hawkeye action on screen, here are the 12 most amazing Hawkeye fan arts on the world wide web.

  1. Rookie Hawkeye

This fan art by AndouHayate on DeviantArt shows a very rookie side of the Hawkeye we know and love. Hawkeye wasn’t always an Avenger; he started of, just like Black Widow as an Agent of SHIELD and this fan art is a very apt production of those initial days.

  1. The Life of Handler and Agent

This fan art by kingbirdkathy on DeviantArt was titled Work Is Not Fun, and describes perfectly what would have been the relationship between the Handler Phil Coulson and his menace of an Agent – Clint Barton.

  1. Purple Man

Clint’s love for the color purple is a thing of legends when it comes to the Hawkeye comics by Marvel. This fan art somehow enhances that – the most skilled marksman who has always seen better from a distance, from up above his nests; as well as his love for Purple.

  1. Li’l Chibi

Miniaturization of action heroes has been a trend that’s been going on for years now. And these versions of our beloved superheroes are absolutely adorable. And this Hawkeye one is nothing less!

  1. Hawkeye as Ronin

We got a very miniscule glimpse of Hawkeye as the assassin Ronin in Avengers: Endgame. And this fan art of Clint’s evolution from Hawkeye to Ronin after the loss of his family is very on point.

  1. Ms. Bishop

The moniker of Hawkeye is not just for Clint Barton, but also for his protégé Kate Bishop. The new Disney+ series will feature both these characters as Hawkeye, with Hailee Steinfeld taking on the role of our young Avenger Ms. Bishop.

  1. The Amazing Hawkeye

This graphics fan art by Naldz Graphics is an homage to both the original costume for Hawkeye; and also reminisce of the days when Hawkeye was not an assassin or an agent of SHIELD or an Avenger but the greatest marksmen of all time. The circus days of Hawkeye are a very important part of the character.

  1. Arrow Ready

Many might not know this about the character of Clint Barton – but he is deaf. He uses hearing implants on the job. Clint is already at the most disadvantageous position amongst his fellow Avengers by being completely human; on top of that he is disabled, and still manages to walk away with mere scrapes and bruises is what makes his one of the most amazing superheroes.

  1. Aw, Coffee, No.

Anyone who has read Hawkeye comics knows of Clint’s love for coffee. As well as his proclivity to spill said coffee. This fan art is simple, subtle and still manages to get the point across. Hawkeye maybe someone who never misses his targets, but Clint Barton is a complete mess!

  1. Heroes for Hire

The “Heroes for Hire” has been the butt of jokes when it comes to the character of Hawkeye for decades. And now Clint, with his protégé is trying to make ends meet in the Bed Stuy area by doing some hire works in their down time. This fan art by Phil Noto is nothing if not in your face!

  1. Age of Hawkeye

This fan art of Hawkeye from Avengers: Age of Ultron is somehow a reminder of how completely human Hawkeye is. And how completely absurd it is that a man with no super powers goes to fight against robots and aliens on a daily basis with just his bow and arrows in hand!

  1. Mr. I Don’t Miss

If there is one thing you know about Hawkeye – it’s that he never misses. And this very real life portrait of Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye somehow has an uncanny resemblance to how Hawkeye looks at you, and makes you feel like he can see through you! There is a reason he never misses!

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