The Avengers Netflix Meme that mocks Justice League

After all, the not so good theatrical production of Justice League is just not what many individuals would name a cinematic achievement, and most of it is not the fault of director Zack Snyder. Many followers know the tumultuous saga of his contributions to the challenge; a reduced brief by each studio interference and a household tragedy that no person deserves to endure.

The ‘pure bred’ DC and Marvel fans have forever been rivals. However there are some fans like me who take pleasure in each superhero universes for what they provide, others have a tendency to decide on sides and think about leisure as an ongoing battle of cultures.

It’s been like that for comedian guide readers, and that has since stretched out into the movies. And whereas DC Comics loved a pleasant run on high for many years, particularly with Superman and Batman collection of movies that helped cement the style in popular culture, it is safe to say that DC and Marvel Studios are at present dominating the so-called battle.

Seems like Netflix is fooling around with Marvel & DC fans 

Not today. from marvelmemes

That’s why you can’t rely on algorithms all the time…

Recently there was a meme on Netflix’s algorithm suggesting you watch Justice League and what Old Man Steve Rogers thought about it which would be the almost similar response of many hard core Marvel fans. Some humorous INB4 comments such as “Justice League isn’t on Netflix” and “this is biased toward the MCU,” have also landed for the funny meme.

Another one….

Another one….
Oooo burn!!

But, Snyder had grand plans for his version of the Justice League, plans that many fans believe were ruined because of Joss Whedon’s influence on the film. The movie went on to be panned by critics and fans, while also failing to light up the box offices and becoming one of the lowest grossing films in the modern DC era.

Snyder probably would have faired better, as his vision was much in line with the darker tone of Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, a tone that will be seen in the upcoming Joker movie.

The best thing to do

The best thing to do
Nothing like a good bowl of popcorn and a good movie; The Days of Justice League will surely come until then lets Netflix and chill

So the next time Netflix’s algorithms don’t think like you do and it makes you wince and burn just apply some salve, appreciate the humour, make another batch of popcorn and watch Infinity War!  

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