The Baby Yoda fan account has been banned from Twitter

The long time Mandalorian fan account of @BabyYodaBaby has been fan banned from Twitter. The account was of Star Wars most loved character. The fans from all around the globe are enraged because of the unexpected ban.


Why was the Mando fan account banned?

Why was the Mando fan account banned?
Fan account has been banned on Twitter

The fan account was permanently banned on 6th February unexpectedly. The reasons behind this sudden ban is still unknown. The Baby Yoda’s fans are not at all happy because of the ban.

However, this is not the first time that the account has been banned. It had happened once before, but this time the ban appears to be a permanent one.


Who was the account handler?

Turns out, the famous fan account of Baby Yoda was owned by a high school counselor, Matt Grasso. Whatever the reason may be, he has not been given the exact reason for the ban either.


What does Grasso have to say about this situation?

What does Grasso have to say about this situation?
Grasso, the account handler was not notified about the reason behind the ban

“I just, politely, kept appealing it,” Grasso tells INSIDER of his two suspensions. “I’d written them multiple emails about the fact that this is a really positive account, and I detailed the situation: that I’d been suspended once, been allowed to keep an account, and I clearly hadn’t violated Twitter rules since then.”

He adds, “I’m frustrated. I lost so many followers. And I lost so many good followers.”

In the e-mail obtained by INSIDER, Twitter notified Grasso he’s been “permanently suspended…due to multiple or repeat violations” of Twitter rules.


The fans expressed their outrage on Twitter









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