The Batman: 5 Mistakes That The Movie Should Learn From Christopher Nolan’s Trilogy

Following Ben Affleck’s decision to let go of the cape and cowl, the next Batman film is already in making. The Batman, directed by Matt Reeves, will star Robert Pattinson (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes). It appears to be a fascinating fresh take on the character that has already piqued the interest of fans. Christopher Nolan’s – The Dark Knight trilogy is widely regarded as the best interpretation of the Batman saga. Some fans have already found resemblances between this new picture and the previous trilogy. There are numerous characteristics of Nolan’s approach that this film may benefit from. Let’s look at what The Batman can learn from Christopher Nolan’s Batman films.

Iconic Villains

Joker - Christopher Nolan's Trilogy

Batman has one of the most diverse villain lists, unlike any other superhero. Each of his films introduced at least one new foe that felt like a genuine threat to Batman, albeit in different ways. Ra’s al Ghul put Batman to the ideological test. Joker tested him mentally whereas Bane was much of a physical threat. Reeves would recall how intriguing having an enemy who can push Batman to his limits can be.

Downplaying the Gadgets

The gadgets of The Dark Knight - Christopher Nolan's Trilogy
The gadgets of The Dark Knight

Besides being a superhero and detective, Batman also boasts an impressive arsenal of cutting-edge technology. Nolan rightly took it easy on this, providing a decent background for where they all originated from but never allowing them to detract from Batman’s own abilities. It would be good if Reeves took a similar approach, focusing on the hero’s abilities rather than the gadgets.

Auteur Vision

Christopher Nolan
Christopher Nolan

Nolan was able to let his personal flair shine through, helping the studio to place even more faith in him. As a result, these Batman pictures felt very much like Christopher Nolan’s films. DC appears to be recognizing the necessity of incorporating filmmakers’ concepts into its productions. Matt Reeves has established himself as an intriguing and innovative filmmaker. Presumably, he too will be given the opportunity to express himself in this large project.

Realistic Approach

The Dark Knight Trilogy
The Dark Night Trilogy

Nolan’s films depicted everything as though it were happening in real life, from the technology to the villains to the Batmobile. Although Batman has appeared in numerous larger-than-life scenarios, he has always felt more realistic than other superheroes. If Reeves follows Nolan’s lead, the film’s realism could provide a welcome counterpoint to some of today’s other superhero films.

Struggles of the Superhero

Bruce Wayne - Christopher Nolan's Trilogy
Bruce Wayne

Batman has usually been a disturbed character. The demise of his parents was often thought to be the source of Bruce Wayne’s misery, but Nolan took an innovative new perspective to the character’s inner torment. He made it seem as if Bruce was a hesitant hero who understood the significance of Batman as a symbol but didn’t want to be the one to carry it out. Bruce Wayne is sometimes overlooked in these films, but we wish Reeves figures out a way to portray the struggles of the guy behind the mask as well. Pattinson has teased at a much more troubled protagonist, with whom he might have a great time.

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