The Batman: How Bulletproof Is Robert Pattinson’s Batsuit?

Robert Pattinson’s Bulletproof Batman Suit Is portrayed in the New Trailer:

A hot from the new Batman trailer showing the Bulletproof Batsuit
A hot from the new Batman trailer showing the Bulletproof Batsuit

In the latest teaser for The Batman, Robert Pattinson’s Batman takes numerous gunshots to the chest, demonstrating how impenetrable his version of the Batsuit is. Despite his lack of abilities, Batman battles criminals in Gotham City with superior combat skills, a genius-level mind, and cutting-edge technology. A bulletproof Batsuit is a popular piece of equipment for live-action Batman productions. Because not all of the Dark Knight’s outfits provide the same amount of protection, how does Pattinson’s suit stack up against the others and the comic source material?

The representation of Batman’s suit in the comics:

The representation of Batman's suit in the comics
The original costume was comprised of a black cape and speedo, as well as a bright yellow utility belt.

In his very first appearances in comic books, Batman wore no armor, instead opting for a basic, lightweight, and flexible outfit with a menacing look. One of the first instances of an armored Batsuit is in the first independent Batman novel, published in 1940, in which the Caped Crusader escapes a gunshot wound from The Joker owing to a layer of armor beneath the main suit. Modern incarnations of Batman wear highly armored Batsuits which provide substantial protection against gunfire; this was inspired in part by the different film adaptations and their numerous shout-outs.

The latest trailer for The Batman:

Pattinson's Batsuit In The Batman Is Bulletproof
A Shot from the trailer showing that the Batsuit is bulletproof

The latest teaser for The Batman puts Robert Pattinson’s Batsuit to the test several times. Batman gets wounded point-blank with a revolver while battling a band of crooks dressed as clowns, but he swiftly recovers and keeps fighting. Later in the video, Batman goes up to a gang of assailants using assault rifles, who open fire on him. Batman walks largely unharmed through the shower of gunfire before counterattacking. This suggests that Pattinson’s Batman is made of a more robust material that can take more gunfire than other incarnations of the Dark Knight.

Adam West’s Batman:

Adam West's Batman had no armor
Adam West’s Batman really had no armor

While Adam West’s Batman had no armor, Michael Keaton’s Batman in Tim Burton’s flicks donned a very robust outfit that could withstand direct gunfire. However, as seen several times in Batman and Batman Returns, while the suit prevented bullets from being instantly fatal, the impact frequently knocked Batman off his feet and left him breathless on occasion. Pattinson’s armor gives additional protection, allowing him to battle even after being shot many times.

Christian Bale’s Batsuit:

Christian Bale’s Batsuit did provide protection against gunfire.
Christian Bale’s Batsuit did provide protection against gunfire

In Batman Begins, Christian Bale’s initial Batsuit provided protection against gunfire, but Lucious Fox specifically warned against taking direct blows. While protective, the outfit proved too constricting for Bale’s Bruce in The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, so he donned a modified suit in The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. Bale’s second Batman costume was considerably more adaptable, but it was also far more vulnerable to gunfire, as Bruce discovered firsthand while facing off against Two-Face.

Mashup Of Robert Pattinson & Ben Affleck's Batman Suits
Ben Affleck & Robert Pattinson’s Batsuits are somewhat similar

As a result, the only live-action Batman incarnation whose costume afforded comparable levels of protection to Pattinson’s is the DCEU Batman, aka  Ben Affleck’s Batman. As shown in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the suit has a light and flexible costume that allows him to absorb bullets to the head at point-blank range with no difficulty. The suit has several weak places, as shown by an assailant’s dagger puncturing the suit near the shoulder. This might have been a weakly armored region for articulation purposes. Ben Affleck’s Batman armor, like Pattinson’s Batsuit in The Batman, is impenetrable, shielding Batman from gun-wielding foes.

Robert Pattinson's Batsuit In The Upcoming Movie The Batman
Robert Pattinson’s Batsuit In The Upcoming Movie The Batman

As a result, it’s reasonable to presume that Pattinson’s Batsuit is a bit identical to Affleck’s Batman armor and is totally bulletproof, shielding Batman from gun-toting foes. So what are your thoughts on the latest trailer for “The Batman”? Do let us know in the comments down below. Till then we’ll see you in the next post, guys, but don’t forget to keep reading Animated Times, your one-stop destination for gaining a deeper peek into the entertainment business, new movies and TV shows, celebrity gossip, and much more. We’ve got you covered on all fronts. Continue reading Animated Times for more.

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