The Batman Trailer: 5 Reasons We Are Excited (& 5 That Worry Us)

It is a good day to be a DC Fan. The DC FanDome event garnered more than 22 million views and is already being considered the gold standard for online virtual events. It has set the benchmark for online events to come in the coming months. One of the highlights of the event was The Batman trailer. Robert Pattinson stars as the Dark Knight in a gritty and dark tease for the upcoming 2021 Batman movie. And these are the reasons why we are over the moon for The Batman trailer. But there are also several reasons that make us anxious and worried.

Has DC bit more than what it could chew? Or could the bolus still be swallowed?

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Excited: A New Bruce Wayne

the batman robert pattinson young bruce wayne

Throughout all the versions of the Batman we have seen thus far, the one thing most of them lack is the proper portrayal of Bruce Wayne. Truth be told Warner Brothers probably chooses their actors for the Batman based on how well they can pull off the Dark Knight’s scowl. But nobody is ready to accept that Bruce Wayne is also as important a part of the Batman legacy as Batman itself. The only character who pulled Bruce Wayne flawlessly will always be Christian Bale. Matt Reeves could do the same with Pattinson if given the creative leg-space.

Worried: Could have an R-Rating

the batman r rating riddler

There is ample amount of blood and violence in the trailer. Batman mercilessly beats up a road-side criminal in the trailer in the acclaimed “I am Vengeance” shot. As the trailer progresses, we see the Riddler’s machinations in action. The very beginning of the trailer shows the super villains tie up a person in duct tape with the face mask bearing the words No More Lies. The words are probably written in human blood. The Batman will probably have some graphically detailed scenes. This would mean the movie certification board will give it an R-Rating, severely diminishing its viewer base for its theatrical run.

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Excited: R-Rating (Again)

the batman r rating good thing i am vengeance

Okay getting an R-Rating may not be a bad thing for a superhero movie, not anymore that is. Logan and Deadpool received R-Ratings. Joker got an R-Rating. They did exceedingly well. If an R-Rating is granted to The Batman, it will gives Matt Reeves to tell a compelling story arc not bounded by the limitations of family-friendly entertainment. The movie could be mare mode intense, with bloodier action and extreme violence. The story base for The Batman is Batman: Year Two. The comic book arc was extremely violent and had its fair share of dark moments. An R-Rating could make matters better and not necessarily worse for The Batman.

Worried: Too Many Characters

the batman gordon jeffrey wright

There are a lot of characters in The Batman. For a movie reboot that was supposed to launch a Batman origin story, there sure are too many players in the scene already. There is Jim Gordon. There is Cat Woman. And let’s not forget the Penguin. The Riddler and the Batman are of course the leads. But there will be a lot of popular actors playing popular Batman characters. Let’s hope the movie manages to swerve away from the Spider-Man 3 curse. Too many characters could end up making it look bloated.

Excited: Quality Source Material

the batman batman year two arc

If you have the ingredients right, the recipe will cook itself. That is what Gordon Ramsay says. Or maybe we misheard him while he was shouting at someone for putting Lime Jelly in his sandwich. The Batman trailer shows that the comic book source which will be used for the movie’ story inspiration is Batman: Year Two. Batman: Year Two is perfect for The Batman. It does not tell the transition of Bruce Wayne into the Caped Crusader but the first years of the Dark Knight, fighting crime in Gotham City. Another quality inspiration is Ego. Ego is a comic book arc that explores the vivid psychological manifestations of the Batman as he wrestles with the notion of shouldering the burden of the Dark Knight. There is a lot in store for the fans when they watch the Batman.

Worried: Batman May Kill

the batman batman kills

The one ideal that Batman always, and by always we mean always, upholds in the comic books is that he never kills. He may main and mutilate but he will never take a life, a concept that escapes the Batman movies. Almost every version of the Batman in the movies has taken lives Even in The Dark Knight trilogy and the Tim Burton Movies, Batman has killed. From what we have seen in the Batman trailer and the Batman discussion panel, the movie might also show the same violent and un-comic book side of Batman, making him yet another murderer.

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Excited: Suspense Thriller

the batman suspense thriller

The only Batman movie that gave us something on the lines of a Whodunit Mystery was Batman: Gotham by Gaslight. It remains the only true Batman movie that shows Batman for what he truly is – the world’s greatest detective. Matt Reeves’ The Batman will finally bring the idea to the big screens. The Batman trailer reveals that the movie will show Pattinson’s Dark Knight pursue a mystery killer throughout the city. It will finally give us a glimpse of Batman’s powerful brain, his detective skills, and of course his other unexplored assets in store.

Worried: Emo Bruce Wayne

the batman emo bruce wayne

Yeah we know Bruce Wayne suffered a lot. We know he has been through a lot. A myriad of human emotions from this end to that end of the spectrum run within Bruce Wayne’s mind. We have seen it in literally ever Batman movie of the 21st Century. A younger Bruce Wayne would mean he would still be mourning his parents’ death. The orphan Bruce Wayne chapter is some of the most hated cinematic plot devices as far as Batman movies are concerned. We all know Bruce Wayne’s story. We don’t need another recap. And we most certainly do not need to see another version of Bruce Wayne as good as Pattinson being forced into the same emotional roller-coaster.


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