The Batman Who Laughs’ master plan has reached fulfillment. The dark multi-verse mutant of Batman and the Joker just implemented his most sinister program yet and is ganging up with Perpetua to demolish Earth, it’s heroes, and cause irreparable damage to the entire multi-verse.

The Perpetua sins

 Perpetua dc
The inventor of the prime DC universe.

Perpetua invented the first DC Universe, even though her thirst for sin and annihilation resulted in the multi-verse being refined as God was incarcerated. She’s the mother of the monitors Mar Novu, Alpheus, Mobius, and Overvoid – who notice various parts of the multi-verse to prevent their death. Perpetua was revived back to being by Lex Luthor with the help of DC villains. In return, Perpetua made him “Apex Lex” a martian/human mutant with mind-boggling powers and promised him a future he couldn’t deny.


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Lex Luthor and bat-man with his deceitful games

In Hell Arisen 4 by James Tynion, Steve Epting, Nick Filardi, and Travis Lanham, Luthor meets with the Batman Who Laughs. Lex tries to take him down and cure the dark multi-verse Justice League of their plague. He teleports the Batman Who Laughs straight to Perpetua. Lex says with the demise of the Batman Who Laughs, the spreading of darkness will permit them to carry on with their work in molding reality. But, Batman Who Laughs has other notions. He tells her he’s the “child of unreality,” and that he can assist her to visualize what she can’t. As Lex petitions that the devious Batman is deceitful, the Batman Who Laughs uncovers that he’s captured the Phantom Stranger and the reality Luthor envisioned with Perpetua was a play of fiction.

Batman and his games

batman who laughs
Batman succeeds in his bad games

The Batman Who Laughs bows before Perpetua and tells her she requires a right-hand man, not a “pet” like Luthor. This enrages Lex, who turns his arm into a sword and lunges at his foe. The Batman Who Laughs tells Perpetua she can stop the show she intends on keeping Earth safe. Perpetua tells him she doesn’t trust him, but after reading his mind, she sees that dark stuff from the dark multi-verse that she couldn’t see prior and starts laughing like the Joker. It’s apt to say the Batman Who Laughs’ long-game to manipulating Perpetua worked well. He provided her a reason – his knowledge of what she can’t see to team-up with him and leave Lex. What comes next is going to be humongous. This Batman Who Laughs/Perpetua team-up is going to be catastrophic for Earth and the entire multi-verse.

Have a look at the Batman 2021 trailer below


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