The Batman who Laughs corrupted a New Hero to Dark side

Stepped from an alternate reality, The Batman Who Laughs has become the hero of The Dark Side. He is a combination of Batman and The Joker. In other words, a Batman appearing Joker minded evil. This monstrosity has become the creepiest villain for DC Comics recently. The new comic book readers have well received this character. As a result, this grotesque creature is still finding his place in the Batman, Superman world. The Batman who laughs also made appearances in Justice League.

Villain of the year-Batman who laughs
Batman who laughs: combination of Batman and Joker Pic courtesy: redskullspage.tumblr.com

This particular Batman with terrifying evil plans and deeds is paving the way to triumph.

For instance, The Batman Who Laughs with a toxin is turning our heroes into the worst versions of themselves. He thus is entering into the crossover “Year of the Villain” to terrorize Earth. Recent news is that this evil Batman may have added one of our beloved heroes Shazam to ‘The Infected’.

New Hero to The Dark Side

Villain of the year-Batman who laughs
Batman who laughs clipart Pic courtesy: pinterest.com

The “World’s Finest” has been trying to uncover what the Batman Who Laughs is planning, in Batman/Superman series. They yet ought to discover the evil turned superheroes by the jokerized Batman’s toxin. A recent update is that the corrupt version of Shazam! Joined the infected. As the powerful sins corrupt, Shazam, Hawkman, Supergirl are going to unleash dangerous outcomes as The Infected. Donna Troy, Jim Gordon, and Blue Beetle also going to surface their buried anger and worst side.

New Comic “The Infected: King Shazam

Villain of the year-Batmanwho laughs
Mary fighting Shazam. Pic courtesy: comicbook.com

DC Comics, this week, released The Infected: King Shazam revealing young Billy Batson, joined the evil status quo. He is seen as the one attempting to win against any supreme of his universe. Yet, the Shazam found himself in the losing hands when fighting with the Olympic God of War, Ares. It is mainly due to the team-up of his sister, Mary Marvel, and Ares. Though super-powered, the partnership with Ares soon went bane. Her compassion and light-hearted spirit are unfortunate reasons.

King Shazam is seen battered by Mary in the recently released edition. Yet, Captain Marvel managed to defeat and infects her with the same evil toxin.

 Source: DCComics.com, ComicBook

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