The Beast Incarnate is going to join The Marvel Universe!

This Fighter is going to join Universe of The Marvel

Tony Stark namedrops WWE superstar Brock Lesnar within the latest issue of the Avengers, confirming the wrestler exists within the Marvel Universe.

An upcoming treat!!

Fans would love The Double Treat!!
The buzz trailer would create featuring Lesnar as one of MCU’s hero!!

What is Lesnar’s role in MCU?

What is Lesnar's role in MCU
He might be playing Hulk or Thanos or a new character!!

The most likely answer is that Lesnar is simply like he’s in the real world, a wrestler and UFC fighter. But why waste a chance like that? Wouldn’t it’s fun if readers need to see Lesnar as a part of the Nova Corps, or maybe as a replacement version of the Hulk or His body even change if he was a Hulk?

Previous experiments by Marvel

People Loved this Combo Before
People Loved this Combo Before.

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