The Black Knight Of The Eternals Might Appear In Moon Knight Next, Here’s Why

Following his MCU debut in Eternals, Black Knight could show up in Marvel’s Moon Knight show. Dane has no confirmed film or TV jobs after Eternals. However, the film’s prods for his future clarified that Marvel definitely plans to utilize the person once more. At the point when that will occur, however, is not yet clear.

One Of The Clearest Places For Dane To Turn Up Next Is Blade


Starring Kit Harington, Dane Whitman was situated to develop into his comic partner in Eternals’ post-credits scene. Coming into ownership of the Ebony Blade was the initial move toward transforming Sersi’s human sweetheart into the Avenger. The subsequent advance could happen in one of Marvel’s impending Phase 4 portions. Marvel is opposed to promptly giving Dane his own show. But, Marvel could have him appear in a portion of its different films and shows. One of the clearest places for Dane to turn up next is Blade. Also, Mahershala Ali’s personality has recently framed an association with him. In any case, the sit tight for his return may not be very long.

Dane Whitman could end up an unexpected addition to Moon Knight for various reasons. As a matter of first importance, the two characters running into each other is certifiably not an improbable situation. The Moon Knight trailer affirmed that the series will be set unquestionably somewhat in London. The city is where Dane lives. Exploring the Egyptian god who gave him his powers – Khonsu – could go far toward placing him nearby Dane. As somebody who fills in as an antiquarian at the Natural History Museum, Dane absolutely feels like a person that Marc might meet on his excursion. The trailer showed him glancing around in a chronicled exhibition hall, so an appearance from him doesn’t seem impossible.

Marc And Dane Whitman Could Be Joined By A Typical Predicament

Dane Whitman, Black Knight
Dane Whitman, Black Knight

If this somehow managed to occur, Marc and Dane Whitman could be joined by a typical predicament. Both probably began as apparently ordinary people, however have now ended up brought into old secrets with profound mysterious associations. Broad investigation into the past might be an answer that is searched out by the two characters. Dane, who could almost certainly connect with Marc’s concerns, may assist him with discovering a few responses in a Moon Knight episode. Concerning how the show would move toward Dane’s circumstance, it could drop a few additional clues, however save the subtleties for a Black Knight-centered task.

With both Black Knight and Moon Knight being characters who fit into the otherworldly side of the MCU, convergence between their universes would appear to be legit. As a pained legend who has a mysteriously reviled sword that causes bloodlust, the MCU’s Black Knight would flawlessly squeeze into the universe of Moon Knight, a fierce vigilante who fills in as the super-fueled hero of an Egyptian god. Contingent upon what occurs in Moon Knight, their gathering could ultimately prompt an invigorating hero to collaborate in a future MCU portion.

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