The Boondocks Confirmed to be returning with Season 5

The Boondocks is finally planning its return to the airwaves – at least that’s what one of the show’s cast members is saying uptil now. Actor John Witherspoon was recently on the Joe Rogan podcast, where he had confirmed that Boondocks season 5 is currently in pre-production.

The Boondocks Season 5 to release

Actor John Witherspoon confirmed Boondocks season 5 in Pre- production

John Witherspoon dropped the bomb reveal while discussing how his real-life persona and onscreen persona are one and all the same. As he put it:

‘I’m on the cartoon – what is it, exactly? The Boondocks? I didn’t at all change my voice for The Boondocks. And they are coming back: Boondocks is coming back… It’s one of the best cartoons I’ve ever been on and worked with.”

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Boondocks: A previous hit

Adult Swim’s cartoon adaptation of Aaron McGruder’s acclaimed and renowned comic strip became a breakout hit after its first season, and has maintained very high acclaim for three seasons (2006, 2008, 2010). Things hit the wall after some difficulties with season 3, and after a very lengthy delay, season 4 of The Boondocks was released in 2014, carrying the black mark of having at all absolutely no involvement from Aaron McGruder.

With so little to go on right now, there’s no way to know if McGruder is in any way involved with this season 5 of the cartoon series, or if other members of the original creative team (Brian Ash, Carl Jones) are involved as well. If the project is on Witherspoon’s radar (given his clearly loose knowledge of events), it’s safe to assume that the principal voice cast of the series has been tapped to return,earlier.

Boondocks Cast

The Boondocks Season 5 confirmed.

That cast includes John Witherspoon as the elderly “Grandpa,” a black man who moves to an affluent white suburb to live out his golden years. Fans will be eagerly awaiting confirmation that Regina King (fresh off a Best Supporting Actress Oscar winner) will be returning as well; King voices both Huey and Riley, Grandpa’s two young grandsons who come to live with him in the suburbs, after the loss of their parents. The series basically revolves around Grandpa, Huey and Riley’s misadventures in this suburban setting, in stories that will offer heavy socio-political satire and commentary about everything from race to big pop-culture headlines.

If there ever was a time for The Boondocks to return, now is probably that time for it. The show launched in the deep run of the Bush era and was unabashed in its criticisms of the times – but was equally exacting on the “post-racial” era of the Obama’s presidency. It would almost be a crime for the Trump era to come and go without The Boondocks having its say on the matter. If McGruder is involved with season 5, it’s a sure bet that the result is going to be hard-hitting, to say the least of it.

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