The Boys: Weirdest Facts About Homelander’s Body – Ranked

The Boys is full of blood and gore of the highest order. In all that superhuman chaos, it is easy to forget the weirdest weirdo of them all.

Homelander, the leader of the Seven, is the World’s Most Powerful Superhero.

He is Vought’s most prized possession after Compound V and the face of the mega-corporation.

While he has a plethora of superhuman abilities, Homelander’s body harbors secrets not even the most die-hard of fans know about.

He is a Clone of Another Superhero

Stormfront's clone Homelander

In the comic books, it is revealed that Vought’s scientists are into some really crazy experiments.

It is later revealed that Vought is also into the controversial science of cloning.

They take the DNA of older superheroes and then use it to create better, newer generation clones.

They have been doing it for a long time. Homelander is one of the products of such an experiment.

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The superhero that was used as the genetic template to create Homelander was Stormfront, played by Aya Cash in the show.

In comic books, Stormfront was a female Nazi supervillain with the power of superhuman physical attributes, flight, and lighting generation.

The secret of the genetic cloning of superheroes is brought to light after Stormfront’s death at the hands of Billy Butcher and the Boys.

Homelander was created out of Stormfront’s DNA. The comic books reveal that even Black Noir, a Homelander clone, was created using similar methods. This makes Homelander a partial clone of Stormfront.

Injected With Massive Doses of Compound V

Compound V is the drug that was developed by Nazi scientists working for the Third Reich during the height of World War Two.

Created by Jonah Vogelbaum, a Jewish Scientist working for the Third Reich, the chemical drug can give normal humans superhuman abilities and enhance the superhuman powers of other Supes if injected into them.

Vogelbaum escaped Nazi Germany and was recruited by Vought, who gave him all the resources necessary to create a perfect blend of the superhuman formula.

The Seven were created by injecting Compound V into their fetal tissues while they were still inside their mother’s wombs.

But it was Homelander who got the lion’s share of the chemical drug. Vought needed to make a leader who was powerful enough for the others to follow.

So they injected one child with the highest dosage of Compound V possible.

The result was that while the six members of the Seven were born with superhuman powers, Homelander was born with powers that made him a God among the Gods.

From what we know so far, Homelander seems to be one of the only few superheroes who can transfer the effects of Compound V to his progeny.

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When Homelander was born, his heat vision activated and killed nearly all the nurses and the doctors that were there to deliver him.

When he was still a toddler, he was regularly crossing speeds twice the speed of sound.

It was probably a result of him being exposed to massive dosage of Compound V, a dosage that was inhuman even by Vought standards.

Physical Limitations

While he may be the strongest superhero that ever was, is, and probably will exist, it is not to say that he does not have a few weaknesses.

Homelander can be killed with overwhelming force. Or at the very least be grievously injured.

In the comic books, the US Government kept Homelander in check for more than 18 years by literally strapping him onto a nuclear warhead.

A nuclear explosion might be the only thing that can kill Homelander.

There are other limitations to his abilities. Even though he has superhuman durability and superhuman senses, a truck at high speeds could still disorient him.

The comic books also showed that an anti-armor round fired from a tank’s cannon was enough to injure him.

In Season 1 of The Boys, Homelander claimed that he will not be able to lift an entire damaged passenger plane to safety. So he might not be as invincible as people take him to be.

Super Human Senses

homelander x ray vision

It is not his ability to bend steel or move mountains that make him such a twisted hero. It is his ability to see and hear everything.

Homelander’s superhuman senses of sight and hearing make him a grave threat to even fellow members of the Seven.

He can listen in to their conversations from afar.

With his X-Ray Vision, even talking behind closed doors is of no use. If his enemies are not careful, Homelander can catch wind of them before they could even blink.

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The comic books show an even twisted side of Homelander’s sensory powers.

He also shows a superhuman sense of smell in the comics. His super-hearing allows him to detect a person’s heartbeat and blood pressure and tell if that person is lying.

His hearing is so accurate that he could even hear the firing of neurons inside another human being if he concentrated hard enough.

His X-Ray Vision, super hearing, and superhuman sense of smell make for a killer combination.

His Flight Powers

 homelander flying at a battle scene

Homelander’s greatest asset among his arsenal of superpowers is his ability to fly high above the clouds.

When Translucent went missing, Homelander scanned the entire country by flying at superhuman speeds.

The guy clocked a speed that was a little north of 1872 Kilometres per hour. Homelander is known to outrun jets with his superhuman speed.

He also has extraordinary reflexes. He was able to save Billy Butcher from an explosion that occurred at point-blank range before even the shock wave of the blast could hit him.

Homelander’s powers are also linked to somehow him being able to breathe at superhuman speeds.

At speeds above Mach 2, breathing becomes impossible since the air goes very thin and the lungs do not have the capacity to create a strong enough vacuum for respiration.

But Homelander still does it like it is a piece of cake. Even air friction becomes a major problem at such speeds.

And yet Homelander shows no signs of skin-burns after landing on his feet after a long aerial stroll.


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