The Boys: Most Brutal Deaths In The Series

The Boys has been considered as one of the darkest shows during the current times. It didn’t prove to be a major turnoff for fans and the audience has enjoyed seeing the violence some characters had to suffer in the series. And sometimes these even include unexpected deaths.

Fans have been waiting for season 3 and now with the trailer out, they are already wondering what the makers have in for them. Irrespective of how incredible the first two seasons were, all of us are looking forward to seeing how will the next season top the standards set by the previous two!

1. Robin

There’s no doubt that Robin’s death will probably be the most emotional and shocking death on The Boys.  She was an amazing person and Hughie loved her so much! She was killed just because A-Train was moving at a super-speed and crashed into her. And all this happened in front of Hughie.

Yes, Robin had quite a limited screentime and she had an unexpected death. But her death was vital for pushing Hughie to join the mission for “justice”.  Fans could see through Hughie’s flashbacks of the event how much the death had affected him. It was a traumatic experience for him which he had to relive many times.

2. Mesmer

Mesmer’s introduction in The Boys showed him as an ally (sort of) for Butcher and his “boys”. He was shown giving them information about Vought’s operations. But then he tried selling them out to Vought and Butcher catches up with him and bashes his head into the edge of a sink over and over.

Mesmer also had a small role in the series but his death was sort of a “glory”. His death also had a sort of significance aka Never Betray Butcher! And let’s be honest, fans did like Mesmer getting beaten.

3. Lucy The Whale

Lucy the Whale was not a threat at all. But when The Deep uses Lucy to block Butcher and his team on a boat, Butcher crashes into the whale which launches them into the stomach. This ended up killing the whale.

If that wasn’t enough, the Boys had to crawl through her insides to get out. They had to move through the intestines and other organs to escape. Though it was quite tragic, it was even a funny death in the show, compared to all the violent scenes. And The Deep was doing it purposely making it a really weird thing a superhero had done.

4. Madelyn Stillwell

Madelyn Stillwell was one of the nemeses of the series and was initially, perceived as the mastermind behind The Seven. But her attempts at flirting and seducing Homelander ended up killing her when Homelander used his laser vision to burn through her skull.

Of course, the laser burning through a human’s eyeballs is bound to be shocking, and seeing Stillwell’s death was as disgusting and brutal as the fans would have imagined it to be. Homelander being evil, was quite a predictable plot twist, and seeing him murder her showed the audience that he can kill anyone.

5. Susan Raynor

None of us expected Susan Raynor to die in front of the Boys especially that way. Her head exploded just before she could reveal important information to Hughie and Mother’s Milk.

She has been in the show since season 1 and had a great dynamic with Billy too. She was stuck between being a helpful and great source of information and someone who didn’t want to be associated with Butcher. Susan was one of the few government figures who tried to help the boys and her death was a  mystery throughout the second season. This made the Boys try to find the person responsible for the same.

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