The Boys Season 3: New Trailer Teased by Trolling Star Wars Fans

The Boys fans are coming together to clamor for a full trailer for its third season, and the social media managers of the popular series seem to have heard and well, answered…with an official announcement for a Star Wars trailer which doesn’t have anything much to do with The Boys.

“New (Obi-Wan) trailer today,” The Boys’ Twitter handle posted on May 4, commonly known as the Star Wars Day. The tweet followed up with a few images of Karl Urban’s antihero, Billy Butcher, to let fans be aware that their demands for “a proper S3 trailer” had been acknowledged, however, they weren’t getting any answer about when it was releasing.

Here’s the tweet:

An all-new trailer for Obi-Wan Kenobi premiered back on Wednesday, to the excitement of many Star Wars fans. The Twitter handle of The Boys also carried on the day’s theme by using this Obi-Wan’s quote, “When the time comes, he must be trained,” with a GIF that featured a different mentor: Homelander, who was shown pushing his son Ryan off the roof, just like he did in the second season of The Boys to know if he had superpowers. The tweet in the thread read, “(We’re aware how wrong we are for this).”

Twitter Handle For The Boys Is Known For Dark Humor

The Boys
The Boys is set to premiere soon on Amazon Prime

Popular for channeling some black humor and the voice of Billy Butcher, the Twitter handle of The Boys is known to engross with media that is unrelated before. After the teaser of the third season premiered, they tried to use it to bargain with Taika Waititi (Thor: Love and Thunder) to get a trailer in return —  however, as we all know, the first trailer for the film didn’t release until much later.

Talking about the series, earlier, director Phil Sgriccia also opened up during an episode of The Boys’ official podcast. “I’m not sure there is a line,” says producer-director Phil Sgriccia on a recent episode of The Boys official podcast. “We’ve got some stuff planned in Season 3 that’s even more pushing of the envelope… Every time we get to a line and say ‘Can we do that? I guess so.’ Might as well try and ask for forgiveness later.”

Watch the trailer below:

While we don’t know the release date of its next trailer, The Boys Season 3 will be premiering on June 3, only on Prime Video. The first two seasons are available to stream now.

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