The Boys: Will We See A Vought Zombie Army In Season 3? Theory Explained

The Boys is set to make its premiere on Amazon Prime next month and the forthcoming season has already spawned many interesting theories before season 3, however, the idea of having a Vought zombie army is the most chilling. Adapted from Garth Ennis’ comic book series of the same name, The Boys sees a team of vigilantes, who try to combat a somewhat corrupt team of superheroes, collectively known as the Seven. As a result of this, the comic book source material has so far, acted as a signpost for those plotlines that are yet to be explored in the live-action series, with the series already confirmed to use the Herogasm plot in the comics for season 3.

While The Boys comics are a good indicator of where the live-action series might take fans, the plotlines are far away from inclusion. Showrunner Eric Kripke has proven his penchant for subverting expectations, like changing the gender of Stormfront (Aya Cash) and also making Ryan Butcher (played by Cameron Crovetti) a more central character despite the character’s premature death in the page of comics. These deviations from the source material have ensured enough speculation regarding what twists season 3 of The Boys will include.

A similar theory making rounds is that the third season of The Boys could be ripped straight from the comics, which saw Vought create “zombified” Supes by giving emergency doses of compound V to superheroes who are dying.

How The Boys Comics Created Supe Zombies

The Boys Season 3
Will The Boys Season 3 see Supe Zombies?

In the comics, the Supe zombies give us a horrifying look into the twisted collective psyche of Vought. The storyline of The Boys sees Mallory finally taking revenge against the Seven for the unfortunate death of his grandchildren by shooting Lamplighter in the head. However, before Lamplighter perishes, Vought gets him back from death with a dose of Compound V. It is later revealed that this injection can keep Supes who are dying alive, however, leaving them in a zombified state.

Who Could Become A Supe Zombie In Season 3?

Aya Cash as Stormfront in Season 2
Aya Cash as Stormfront in Season 2

Given season 3 implements Supe zombies, there are many candidates who might find themselves zombified in the upcoming series. The first has to Stormfront, who ended the previous season merely as a torso after the laser attack by Ryan. This would make Stormfront a possibility for the emergency Compound V procedure, with the last shots of her character showing her murmur to her long-dead lover Frederick Vought.

Another big choice for this emergency procedure has to be Black Noir, who ended the previous season in a catatonic state after he got overpowered by Queen Maeve.

Vought Conjures A Zombie Army In Season 3 – Theory Explained

Karl Urban as Butcher
Karl Urban as Butcher in Season 3

As The Boys is making zombies quite a genuine prospect, this theory suggests that Hughie, Butcher, and the company will see each other taking on a host of zombified Vought supes in season 3. This idea also harks back to another theory that Black Noir has been a zombie for some time, which signifies that The Boys’ live-action zombies will showcase far better motor skills than their counterparts in comic books. This also means that the injections by Vought gave them absolute control over their Supe subjects rather than turning them into mindless creatures.

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