Arrowverse was the name that came up when fans needed something to call the world of DC on The CW. None of the other DC property put Green Arrow so front and center, that would mean that there would be no confusion as to which DC universe you were talking about.

Idea behind the show

Idea behind the show
The Arrowverse

The Elseworlds crossover had a running gag of Oliver, who refused to believe that Batman existed because that would make him no longer the first vigilant who was working on such a scale. Oliver is full of himself and wanted to be first. It is a pretty accurate idea in the world of the show.

Oliver Queen’s role

Oliver Queen's role
Oliver Queen

Our entry into this world came with Oliver’s queen. Oliver was the de facto leader of the team whenever they had the crossovers. However, he was never central to the entire universe within the story. Compared to Barry Allen or Kal El, Oliver Queen is just a guy with a bow and arrow. They have made it all literal with Crisis. He gives up all his humanly relations and takes on the powers of the Spectre to create a new multiverse rather than fight off the Anti-Monitor to save himself. Oliver is the one who started the new multiverse and died to make sure there was a world for all of them to live in.

Arrowverse: The making of name

Image of Arrowverse
Oliver Queen’s prominence reflects in the name.

Despite the world to be known as Earth-Prime, they now call it the “Arrowverse” on the shows. Previously, it was just a nickname that used to make sense from the outside looking in. Currently, the utterly different meaning speaks how they honor Oliver giving his life for the rest of them.

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