“The comments are erroneous and incredibly disparaging”: Beyoncé Finally Breaks Silence On Accusations Of Stealing Music Without Consent

American singer Beyoncé, 41, who has won 28 Grammy awards so far, is racing to the top for a Grammy award for Album of the Year for 2023. By winning the 28th Grammy Award, she holds the record of Grammy’s most-awarded woman in Hollywood. However, Beyoncé faces accusations from Right Said Fred that she did not get their permission before using their song, I’m too Sexy. The singer has spoken out regarding the allegations against Right Said Fred and claimed that their accusations are “erroneous and false.”

Beyonce will remove the offensive words from the song

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Right Said Fred’s Accusations Are ‘Erroneous & False’ – Beyoncé

At the 2021 Grammy Awards, Queen Bey

Beyoncé calls Right Said Fred’s accusations ‘erroneous’ and ‘disparaging.’ After Right Said Fred accused Queen Bey of not seeking permission to use their hit song, I’m too Sexy, and the singer has dismissed the allegations.

In an interview at the Broadcast Music Inc Awards, brothers Fred and Richard Fairbrass claimed that the singer used their 1991 hit song I’m too Sexy sample in her song Alien Superstar track for the new album Renaissance without their consent.

In response, Beyoncé’s spokesperson called the claims “incredibly disparaging,” clarifying, “The claims made by Right Said Fred that singer used ‘I’m Too Sexy’ in ‘Alien Superstar’ without permission are erroneous and incredibly disparaging.”

Queen Bey’s rep said, “Permission was not only granted for its use, but they publicly spoke of their gratitude for being on the album.”

They continued, “No sound recording from I’m Too Sexy was used within Alien Superstar, except the song’s composition, and it provided receipts to back it up.”

Furthermore, the singer’s spokesperson mentioned that “the Right Said Fred writers own more than any other singular writer and have co-writer credit. This accusation is false”.

Right Said Fred revealed earlier that artists like Drake and Taylor Swift also sought permission from them before using the melody of this song.

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Beyoncé Claims Right Said Fred Were Paid For The Song

American Singer Beyoncé

The brothers Fred and Richard called Beyoncé “arrogant” for allegedly sampling their hit song I’m Too Sexy on her new song Alien Superstar without asking or paying them, according to an interview.

According to Beyoncé’s camp, Right Said Fred’s accusations are erroneous and false. The singer’s team also states that Right Said Fred expressed their gratitude for appearing on her Renaissance album, and they were paid a “substantial portion.”

On July 2022, before Renaissance was released, Right Said Fred’s verified Twitter account wrote, “It’s nice to get a writing credit on the new ‘Beyoncé album.”

There are also samples of I’m Too Sexy in Drake‘s Way 2 Sexy and Taylor Swift‘s Look What You Made Me Do.

In the wake of her latest album’s release, Beyoncé has faced similar accusations. Kelis criticized Queen Bey last month for allegedly using her 2003 song Milkshake on her album track Energy without her consent. The song has since been removed from Spotify.

Aside from Renaissance‘s success, the album has also received criticism for its lyrics. For instance, the song Heated includes ableist lyrics.

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