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Arrow might be coming to an end, with season 8 acting as a final season to wrap up the series. However, it is not the end of Star City, which will find itself continuing its story beyond this season. The CW has revealed the decision of an Arrow spin-off which would revolve around the lives of The Canaries, Dinah Drake, Mia Smoak and Laurel Lance. One of the episodes in the final season of Arrow – season 8 – will act as the backdoor pilot for the spin-off series. 


Details About Arrow Spin-Off

Star City, previously known as Starling City, is a fictional metropolitan city in the Arrowverse

The new series takes place in the Star City’s future version and will keep up with the storyline of the Arrow series. The three heroes will be expected to fight and defend Star City that is swarmed with an uprising of The Glades, which is one of the many sections of the city.


Production Team of Arrow’s Spin-Off Series

The executive producers of the Arrow spin-off will be Greg Berlanti, Beth Schwartz, Oscar Balderrama, Jill Blankenship, Sarah Schechter, and Marc Guggenheim. Balderrama, Guggenheim, Schwartz and Blankenship are expected to co-write the one episode in Arrow S80that will also launch the spinoff series. Warner Bros. Television and Berlanti Productions will produce the spinoff together. 


Guggenheim On Arrow’s Future


Marc Guggenheim previously, in August, teased the possibility of some characters from Arrow appearing on the show and continuing their storyline after the series finale. 

“We’re always talking about it,” Guggenheim explained. “Like, those conversations are always being had. There is nothing that, you know, has gone so far down the road that we’ve, you know — I wouldn’t certainly not going to announce it here. But all the showrunners talk, and stuff like that comes up all the time,” Guggenheim continued. “Right now, honestly, like, I think, you know, as far as Beth and the other showrunners of the shows, everyone is focused on launching their seasons, getting their season premieres finished, getting ready for the crossover. Everything sort of post-Arrow’s life, you know, we’re going to have those conversations, but further down the road.”


Watch the trailer for Arrow’s finale season here: 

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