The Dankest Man Alive: 19 Savage Quicksilver Vs. Flash Memes That Can Start A Fan War

Quicksilver came and went in a Flash.

You think that pun was bad. Wait till you see these awesome memes.

1. I think I would go with Miss Taylor. But hey wait, where is Quicksilver?

2. Oh you silly Superheroes. You are just a mere being Barry and so are you Quicksilver.

3. Well, you gotta know how to catch bullets.

4. This could be a very good learning experience for you Mr. Silver.

5. Oh poor Quicky. You will learn eventually, we are with you.

6. Here are the different versions of Flash. I find the Adobe one most useful.

7. Oh yes! Usain Bolt is just a mere being right? He could kick both of your asses Flash.

8. And so Evan Peters is gonna be back.

9. That’s just the slightest of difference and still the most useful of them all.

10. Everyone did Flash. Cause you are really not the fastest man alive.

11. Hey Flash1 At least you can shed some respect for the dead.

12. Quicksilver proved himself in X-Men: Days of Future Past

13. Flash may be faster, but I am the coolest Speedster ever.

14. This one is gonna be interesting.

15. That’s just sad.

16. This one is really hilarious.

17. The best of them all.

18. Who are you more excited for?

19. If Grant Gustin is the lead, then definitely Flash.


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