The Dark Knight: 3 ‘Super Strange’ Batman Rip-offs ( And 1 Who Could Drop Him)

There has been a wide range of Batman-inspired characters in comics over the span of time, where some of them have gone to strange and different directions while others have come down to be quite formidable in their own way.

Here, we are going to take a look at 4 examples of bizarre Batman-inspired characters.

Strange: FIXER

Back in 2006, Frank Miller declared his plans for an exclusive Batman graphic novel where Batman would fight against international enemies in an attempt by Miller to evoke the sort of comic books that were widely famous in the 1940s.

Gradually,  the book was released but Batman was not the hero. However, it rather substituted Fixer, who fights wars against these foes in a story that looked more like a release of Miller’s rage and irritation over the attacks in New York dating back to 2011.

Strange: BLACK FOX

The Marvel world functions on a sliding time scale, which means that the Fantastic Four no longer debuted in 1961. They simply debuted “about 8-10 years ago.” With that sliding timescale, however, that now meant that there was too much in the universe of Marvel amidst Captain America going into confiscated animation before the finish of the Second World War and the massive debut of the Fantastic Four

In 2000, John Byrne and Roger Stern filled in that “lost” time in Marvel: The Lost Generation, highlighting the past heroes of the 1960s, ’70s, and ’80s. One of these “lost” heroes was Black Fox, who was basically Byrne and Stern’s riff on how Batman was depicted during the 1960s.

Strange: Darkwing

Invincible was a comic book that dealt with a young man who discovered that his father was importantly his world’s version of Superman. How that he has grown old enough, young Mark Grayson found that he had inherited his father’s alien superpowers. Mark became the hero known as Invincible and fought crime along with his father, who was Omni-Man, the most popular hero in the world.

In the seventh issue of the series, we met the Guardians of the Globe, a team based on the Justice League. Darkwing played the batman of his team. However, situations got altered, when Omni-man unravelled that he was the central person in a foreign attack on Earth. He swiped off his whole team of heroes in this problem and Darkwing was no exception.

COULD DROP HIM: Midnighter

Dating back to 1997, Warren Ellis relaunched Stormwatch. His first intention with the series was to create the book in a more cultural form. However, after initiating a team of Justice League stand-ins who had been experimented on by the demonic former leader of Stormwatch, the ultimate two surviving members of the team, Midnighter, and Apollo, helped form a darker version of Stormwatch known as the Authority.

Midnighter was the Batman stand-in and he had the capability to both recognize people’s weaknesses while also being able to what people were going to do with all of that, which lead him to be logically an unbeatable fighter.

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