The Dark Knight: 5 Characters He Is Really Close to (And 3 He Simply Doesn’t Get Along With)

Batman is one of the most reserved members of the Justice League and DC universe. He is well respected by all for his brilliant ability to plan and strategise. But then, there are a few who just can’t stand him. He has had his arguments with almost everyone in the roster for the kind of person he is but only a few are able to look through the dark exterior of Batman.
Today we will tell you about characters he doesn’t get along with and a few he can stand.

Close to: Black Canary

She’s typically paired with Green Arrow but she has also had a romantic relation with Batman. When she was new to JL, she shared a kiss with Batman but ultimately referred him as a brother ending their brief moment of romance. This proves how strong their relationship is.

Doesn’t get along with: Aquaman

Aquaman usually stays away from matters on Earth but he joined JL but with power and confidence, Aquaman often finds himself offended by Batman.
He has voted to kick Batman out of JL and well, to be more factual, he was the one who intitated the voting against him.

Close To: Lobo

They don’t meet often and it’s surprising as both have rough personalities and well, Lobo is a bit more abrasive. They’ve fought against each other where Batman won.
But he did all of that to free Lobo of a mind controlling device and then offered him a place in JL. It’s not everyday Batman offers someone a place in JL, so yes he’s definitely close to Lobo.

Doesn’t get Along with: Captain Atom

Batman respects Captain Atom for his powers but doesn’t trust me. He manipulates him from time to time and keeps a good grasp on him. Captain Marvel, on the other hand, is omnipotent and doesn’t really care much.
The relationship has been strained mostly and we’ve often seen Atom being arrogant towards Batman.

Close to: The Flash

Flash is a key player in the JL and he’s like an opposite to the otherwise dark Batman. Barry admires Batman for his skills and tactics.
The two have fought together since years and would even sacrifice their lives for each other. Maybe their personalities are different but they’re definitely great friends.

Doesn’t Get Along: Plastic Man

A lot of fans don’t know him as he was just stupid; known for his sense of humour similar to Deadpool. His powers were like Mr. Fantastic. It’s often said that he’s one of the most powerful heroes in DC.
He never blends with Batman or the rest of JL and many of them find him annoying. Even he voted for Batman to be kicked out. Ouch, poor Batman!

Close to: Martian Manhunter

The two characters bear a lot of similarities. While Manhunter is an alien from Mars and is detached from humans for that reason, Batman often finds himself detached too.
Both share a passion for detective work and Manhunter spends his time as John Jones.

Close to: Catwoman

Well, they were about to get married so isn’t it obvious? He proposed her and well, they are really close to each other. They have even fought each other and are absolutely deadly during combat together.
It’s always great to see them team up together or share a romantic moment and we hope that they always stick around each other.

Vasu Sharma
Vasu Sharma

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