The Dark Knight: 5 Reasons Why It’s Timeless (And 3 Reasons Why It’s Tiresome)

It’s been 10 years since Dark Knight hit the theatres and it has since grown to become one of the best trilogies of all times. Directed by Christopher Nolan, this movie clashed with Iron Man in 2008 and both started an era of superhero movies together. The Dark Knight even went for the Academy Awards for its brilliant performances and today, it’s considered as one of the greatest superhero movies of all times.
Today we will tell you five reasons why it’s timlesss and three reasons why it’s tiresome!

Timeless: Complicated Characters

The hero and villain both seemed really complex as characters as we see Bruce juggling through various personas and if he’s nice for Gotham or not.
On the other hand, we have Joker who’s a master manipulator and a guy with nothing to lose and a point to prove. Totally Batman’s other half, isn’t he?

Tiresome: Bombastic Music

Han Zimmer’s score for The Dark Knight had a lot of driving, clanging and banging which isn’t inappropriate for the gritty tale of Batman but at times, it makes it really hard for one to focus on the characters onscreen. Nevertheless, it’s impossible to ignore.

Timeless: Heath Legder’s performance

Heath Ledger’s performance of Joker is now seen as the traditional cinematic interpretation of the character. While his tragic death before the release drove interest in the film, his performance was something that will live up to ages. With an unrecognisable look and raw talent, Ledger became unforgettable with this role.

Tiresome: Barely any female characters

This movie has a lot of great characters but hardly any female ones. There are only two women; one, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Rachel Dawes along with a role of Detective Ramirez played by Monique Curnen.

Timeless: Speaks to real world issues

The movie spoke to some real world issues which are up today. The movie debated on privacy versus security by using technology to invade people’s privacy.
The movie also shows how political figures can affect the city and its citizens and how crime can take a toll on an individual.

Tiresome: Removed the joy from superhero stories

Batman is definitely one of the most darkest superheroes ever. However, Dark Knight took it to a different level where the good guys don’t win and there isn’t a happy ending.
Batman is seen as a loner who sacrifices everything and is betrayed by his own. It makes it seem more like being a superhero is a burden. Well, this removes the joy of a good superhero story from it.

Timeless: Takes Supehero Stories Seriously

Nolan’s series stands out different than Batman’s other interpretations because of its strong vision of Batman and the world where he lives. It had a lot of common elements from the crime thrillers than comics and the characters were played in relatable settings. In a way, it reflected our own realities back to us.
This defines how powerful and intense a superhero film can be.

Timeless: Examination of moral issues
Throughout the movie, we see a great examination of moral and ethical issues and what exactly makes one a hero.
The clash between Batman and Joker can be seen as a clash between good and evil, as Joker simply wants to prove that everyone is evil.
For instance, the scene where he tries to force people to blow up two ferry boats and tries to manipulate them though the passengers make a different choice and proves his wrong. This shows us how we can make a difference by just a choice.

Vasu Sharma
Vasu Sharma

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