The Devil REINVENTED in Supernatural

Lucifer, the villain of Supernatural, is a character that literature and pop culture has been obsessing over since his inception. Depending on the story he appears in, the fallen angel invariably acts as the physical manifestation of pure evil. He tempts God’s flawed creations into sinful ruin or is an eternal symbol of rebellion.

The Human form given to Lucifer

The Human form given to Lucifer
Mark portraying the Devil in Supernaturals

Supernatural’s own Lucifer takes a less fantastical human shell. This would allow him to walk among us to sow discontent throughout Earth. Lucifer is human-like and has a wit that can barely mask the broiling malice. The CW series managed to come up with an iteration of the Devil that was at all fresh and interesting.

We do not want to accept the clichéd black and white morality anymore. We want to get right under the skin of monsters and find out what makes their black hearts tick. Following the trend, in the Supernatural, is the Devil himself.

The abandoned, acting-out son is Lucifer

The abandoned, acting-out son is Lucifer
The physical form of Lucifer.

Rather than a figure of evil, Supernatural’s Lucifer is portrayed as a son who feels betrayed and abandoned by his dad. This dynamic parallels Sam and Dean’s tumultuous relationship with their own flawed and absent father. 


Mark gives the Devil his signature dead-eyed smirk throughout most of Supernatural. As part of its effort to keep the viewer’s interest in the storylines evil was a few different faces here and there.


Lucifer’s “vessel” Nick

Sam Winchester, the descendant of Cain, is Lucifer’s “true” vessel, making every other “meat suit” a temporary stop-gap. While not inhabiting a vessel, Lucifer is left to exist in his creepiest form. This a disembodied voice whispering sweet, satanic nothings into his victims’ ears.

Lucifer has used nuns and bishops as mouthpieces. He had taken up residence inside an ageing rockstar and even slipped inside Castiel. His most impressive get? The President of the United States. 

Once he broke out of Hell, Lucifer, aside from a few civil wars and a custody battle over Jack, slid into position as a constant but less significant thorn in Team Free Will’s side.


The redemption of Nick

That was until he vanquished to The Empty in Season 13. Finally free, Nick, Lucifer’s vessel, was given a chance to reclaim his life. He began it by trying to solve the mystery of what happened to his murdered family while he got possessed. Gradually, Nick’s journey became a brutal one. It leads us to wonder, during his years of doing horrible things under the Devil’s influence, where Nick ended and Lucifer began.

This revelation about Nick and Lucifer’s bond added a fascinating undertone. It underlined that Lucifer may have been right all along to not bow down to his father’s children all those centuries ago.


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