The Director Of Eternals Has Revealed That The Movie Will Include A Hero’s Long-Awaited MCU Debut

After the red carpet premiere of Eternals, it was leaked that Harry Styles might appear in a post-credit scene:

It Was Leaked That Harry Styles Will Be In Eternals Playing Eros/Starfox
It Was Leaked That Harry Styles Will Be In Eternals Playing Eros/Starfox

It was revealed shortly after Eternals’ red carpet premiere that one of the post-credits sequences included the Marvel Cinematic Universe debut of Eros/Starfox, portrayed by Harry Styles. Now that the picture is in cinemas, director Chloé Zhao is speaking out about the other major MCU debutant, Mahershala Ali’s Blade. In the second post-credits scene, Kit Harington’s Dane Whitman discovers Black Knight’s Ebony Blade.

Director Chloé Zhao Talks About Blade’s Appearance In The Movie:

Director Chloé Zhao Open's About Blade
Director Chloé Zhao Open’s About Blade’s Voice In The Movie’s Post-Credit Scene

Director Chloé Zhao discusses Mahershala Ali’s Blade, the other major MCU debutant. Dane Whitman, played by Kit Harington, discovers the Black Knight’s Ebony Blade in the second post-credits scene, but before he can raise it, he hears Ali’s Blade remark, “Are you sure you’re ready for that, Mr. Whitman?” “That was the voice of Mr. Blade, one of my favorite superheroes. Yeah, yeah, yeah! Blade, Blade, Blade!” Zhao verified the news with Fandom. Of course, Blade does not materialize physically in Eternals, with Zhao noting, “All you have to do is wait. I’m not sure what they’re doing with the film, but Mahershala Ali is a treasure. It’s going to be incredible.” Zhao has previously hinted at the significance of both post-credits sequences, stating, “Don’t just stay for the first [credits scene]; stay for the second, as well. They are both as essential in terms of weight, and both will surprise you.” Marvel Studios’ Blade reboot was unveiled at Comic-Con International in San Diego in 2019, along with Ali taking up the character of the Daywalker from Wesley Snipes, who featured in the original Blade trilogy.

Blade’s Character History:

Marvel Studios Is All Set To Bring Blade In The MCU
Marvel Studios Is All Set To Bring Blade In The MCU

Eric Brooks/Blade debuted in 1973’s The Tomb of Dracula #10, created by Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan. The protagonist is a competent warrior who possesses the great physical skills of a vampire while still being able to walk in the daylight without being murdered. Despite his magical talents, he utilizes them to hunt and kill vampires. In addition to being represented by Snipes in the three Blade films, the role of Sticky Fingaz was also depicted in a 2006 television series. Since the film’s announcement, there hasn’t been any action on it. Stacy Osei-Kuffour was named writer in February, while Bassam Tariq was named director in July. Aside from that, it’s unclear who will join Ali in the film’s cast or when the film will be released. The film Eternals is now in cinemas.

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