The 'Distracted Boyfriend' meme recreated by Chris Evan goes viral
The popularity of the “Distracted Boyfriend” meme

The “Distracted Boyfriend” meme is one of the best-known as well as usually utilized memes online. The meme is a woman and her boyfriend walking, as he turns an affected eye to another girl. The girlfriend looks highly offended. The prominent meme has been copied many times as well as now Captain America star Chris Evans is in on the action, too, thanks to a legendary photo op.


Chirs Evans participating in the meme

Evans appeared at ACE Comic Con in Seattle this weekend break. A fan, a twitter individual by the name of Kelsie (@lovkelsie), took the opportunity to recreate the meme when she met him. Check out her tweet listed below.



Of course, it’s not the first time the Avengers– including Captain America– have located their means right into the wildly popular meme. Last year, ahead of the launch of Avengers: Infinity War, one follower took personality posters for Scarlet Witch, Bucky Barnes, as well as Captain America and prepared them in a brilliant imitation of the meme, though in their take the jealous girlfriend is Captain America when Bucky checks out Scarlet Witch.


Captain America as Captain Acrylica

 Captain America
Photo by USA Today

And while this moment from ACE Comic Disadvantage is a quite fantastic one, it’s not the only epic moment that’s making the rounds online this weekend break. Evans likewise had a photo op with an additional follower, this moment the female responsible for the “Captain Acrylica” meme that exploded in Twitter previously this month. That specific gem of web content gets back at much better when you recognize that Evans dealt with the meme during a panel look at the occasion.


Chris Evans response to Captain Acrylica

Chris Evans response to Captain Acrylica
Photo by Hollywood Reporter

“I marvelled the number of postures I would strike that job so perfectly,” Evans claimed. “You don’t think you’re making a relocation that would certainly work for it, but after that suddenly you resemble [gestures], and also it functions. It’s a type of amusing. Yeah, those are so funny. They split me up. My brother was the initial one to transform me onto it. He sent me a lot of pictures as well as I thought they were so amusing. They truly cracked me up.”

Avengers: Endgame is presently in cinemas with added footage. Various other upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe films consist of Spider-Man: Far From Home opening in movie theatres July 2.


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