The Double Superhero Wedding Proved To Be Arrowverse’s Worst Mistake!

Arrowverse’s many fans have also become disparager thanks to the stupid decisions that have been made for The CW’s universe of DC superheroes, especially the ones made in their romance department.

The “Crisis on Earth-X” crossover saw Oliver and Felicity take over Barry and Iris’ wedding to get married as well which didn’t go well with their fans. And here is exactly why it was one of their greatest mistakes!

The Unwanted Doubled Wedding:


Even before the wedding actually happened, fans had already started hating the “Olicity” pairing from the Arrow (Show). Felicity used to be a fan favorite, but then she was pushed to the groundbreaking and all that at the expense of Oliver Queen’s comic book lover Dinah Laurel Lance which didn’t suit well with the fans. And if that wasn’t enough, they also wrote their relationship in a terrible way, making it the worst tropes of shows on the CW.

They already didn’t have a good “romantic” relationship and showing them to suddenly get married in a crossover event was just idiotic. Maybe Barry Allen was okay with that but the fans thought it was insulting to Barry and Iris’ “big day”.

They Stole The Moment From Barry and Iris!!!

The CW
Wedding reception

The show makers made the plot worse by minimising Barry and Iris’ marriage and focusing on Oliver and Felicity’s!

The crossover storyline (of Arrow season) gave even a wedding reception for Felicity and Oliver. But there was no wedding reception for Iris and Barry considering the fact that they were the only ones who were to be married during the events of “Crisis on Earth – X“. Of course there are arguments that Oliver had all that kind of money to throw an expensive reception for his bride; but come on, Barry is his friend and he let Oliver marry on what should have been only his wedding. The minimum Oliver could do was throw him a reception, too.

In one episode of The Flash, Iris did throw some shade and said how she couldn’t shine at her altar since she had to share it with Felicity and this was the writers acknowledging the complaints of the fans.

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