‘The Eternals’ Factions Explained

The Eternals is set to play a huge part in the fourth phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the film will debut early in 2021. The plot of the film reportedly sees our new heroes fighting against the Deviants; a grotesque offshoot of humanity that lives underground. In the comics, the Eternals and Deviants have always been in conflict.

The film looks set to focus on an Earth-based group of Eternals. However, the super-powered humanoids are a huge race and there are many different groups of them. Here are the four main factions of the Eternals.


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The Eternals (and the Deviants) were born of an experiment on the human race. Conducted by the Celestials, their tests resulted in the creation of the aforementioned new species. The Eternals made a home called Titanos on Earth. A this point, they were only gifted with a lifespan much longer than humans. However, the scientist Kronos accidentally altered the molecular structure of all the Titanos inhabitants, gifting them cosmic powers and immortality.

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This accident also resulted in the destruction of Titanos, so many of the citizens made a new home in Olympia. Olympia remains the main base for the Eternals. Notable Olympians include Thena, Sersi, Sprite, Gilgamesh, Phastos and Makkari.


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After the destruction of Titanos, four cities were built. Olympia was one, another was Polaria, located in Siberia. Eternals born in this city from then on, were aptly named Polar Eternals. Although they lived in different parts of the globe, the Polar and the Olympians have been known to come together when needed. Ikaris, Ajak and Druig are three characters from Polaria who are due to appear in the film adaptation.


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Before Kronos accidentally destroyed Titanos, the Eternals were going through a civil war. Kronos led one side, whilst his brother, Uranos, was in charge of the other. Kronos won and Uranos established several colonies on Uranus and Titan, one of Saturn’s moons. The Titan colony didn’t last long, but the Uranian colony held strong.

The Uranian Eternals are unlikely to be introduced so soon. However, Uranus is the birthplace of Quasar’s Quantum Bands. They originally belonged to an Eternal named Thelius, who was a hero amongst his people.

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The Eternal colony founded on Titan probably sounds familiar for a reason. Titan is the home planet of Thanos and yes, he’s technically an Eternal. A’lars, one of Kronos’ sons rebuilt the failed colony on Titan and essentially established the Titanian Eternals. He later fathered two sons, Eros (who becomes the Avenger, Starfox) and Thanos.

Introducing the Eternals into the MCU is promising for Thanos fans. Not only could we see potential flashbacks spurring him on to commit mass genocide, but introducing his brother Eros may cause some confusion to our heroes.

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