The Eternals May Introduce The Seventh Infinity Stone - The Ego Stone - Into The MCU

Avengers: Endgame is currently off the beaten track in the MCU. However, the next genuinely huge Marvel Studios blockbuster is set to be The Eternals. The motion picture will discover corners of the MCU that it hasn’t touched upon yet. Jack Kirby’s characters will be fighting their way through history as they take on their nemeses, The Deviants.


Details About The Eternals As Of Now

So far, we understand that the film will focus on someone called Sersi with Angelina Jolie most likely taking the duty. A couple of various other actors members are also rumoured, but nobody’s validated by the studio right now. With Comic-Con currently underway though and also Marvel readied to hold a panel in Hall H this weekend break, that could alter reasonably soon.


However, there’s an appealing new concept which suggests that The Eternals may show the 7th Infinity Stone into the MCU. Yes, the seventh.


Introduction of the seventh infinity stone to MCU

Introduction of the seventh infinity stone to MCU

We’ve only seen six till date. In the comics, there’s, in fact, an additional one called the Ego Stone as well as it’s about the previously mentioned Sersi. It came up during “a Marvel Comics crossover with their then-recently acquired firm Malibu Comics. The crossover saw the Avengers deal with the Ultraforce as Loki, and the Grandmaster tried to get the Infinity Stones on their own. The seventh Infinity Stone covertly stayed in the Ultraverse and also took hold of Sersi.”


Expectations Towards The Eternals Narrative

Expectations Towards The Eternals Narrative

Since Sersi will remain in the film, it’s not as crazy to believe that Marvel will use The Eternals. The Eternals will be used to introduce the Ego Stone. It could open up a ton of narration possibilities. It’s one of the most powerful of all the stones, so, inevitably, many would undoubtedly intend to get their hands on it. If a person with dangerous intents were able to acquire it, they might even do more damage than Thanos did.


For now, story information on The Eternals continues to be obscure. But, with Comic-Con around the corner and Marvel panel just days away, we should find out a whole lot more about the film. The movie is set to release later this year.


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