The First Doctor Strange Movie Introduced Some Deadliest Weapons To The MCU

Doctor Strange introduced some new weapons and magical rules to the MUC and some of them were the deadliest ones in history.

Mads Mikkelsen playing Kaecilius in Doctor Strange
Mads Mikkelsen playing Kaecilius in Doctor Strange

Kaecilius’ Weapon

The first Doctor Strange release was a film that might get easily lost amidst the Marvel properties. While the film is not the most interesting one, it does feature some intriguing ideas that could help to expand the Marvel Cinematic Universe. From its implementation of magic to everything beneath, Doctor Strange showed how wondrous magic could be. For an instance, it included a weapon that Zealots and Kaecilius used against Strange and the other sorcerers.

Doctor Strange is available to stream on Disney+
Doctor Strange is available to stream on Disney+

In the battle, Kaecilius creates a weapon from thin air, invisible but sharp as a sword. While they could be used as daggers, spears, and swords, they became the signature weapon of the Zealots. Apart from Kaecilius’ scythe daggers; it is the only weapon Kaecilius could depend on for the rest of its time. These weapons are perhaps the deadliest one but what makes them more dangerous is the fact that they could go way beyond their accessibility and sharpness.

The Space Shards

Referred to as ‘Space Shards’, these weapons sound like they have derived from the cosmos when actually made up of concentrated energy from the Dark Dimension. This is the timeline where Dormammu lives and that is why its energy is too deadly for any dimensions around the universe. In addition, Space Shards has a strong connection to Dormammu but it is difficult to return to any weapons that the sorcerers have already used.

Dormammu in Doctor Strange
Dormammu in Doctor Strange

While the Shards are very effective, they are prominent enough to predate any text on Kamar-Taj. This is evident when one of them stabs Strange and forces him to retreat in the hospital where Palmer was working. When Christine asked him what he was stabbed with, he says I don’t know. This is what led the weapon to show up as the most dangerous one as there wasn’t any information available about it.

One reason might be that the radiation they emit taints the wound, which makes it difficult to deal with it. Further, the transparency of the weapon is another thing that makes it very much appealing and allows Zealots to murder with almost nothing in hand. Space Shards can also disappear within no time that makes it difficult for other sorcerers to find them.

With that said, Doctor Strange and the appearances of Doctor Strange in it have proved that shortcuts always have to pay the cost. A great example of this has been reflected in What If…? when Strange becomes Doctor Strange Supreme. He becomes a man who feeds on magic and always thrives to find ways to outsmart the universal fate.

To conclude, Space Shards are seem tied to Dormammu and that is why it becomes doubtful that whether or not they will appear again in the MCU. But even if they don’t show up, Space Shards will remain effective with the position of being the deadliest ones in the history of the Marvel Universe.

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