The Flash: 5 Amazing Costumes We Really Want To See On The Big Screen (And 5 We Don’t)

The Flash has had some fantastic outfits over the years and now that we’ve seen him on the television and a bit in the Justice League film, today we’ll tell you about the five Flash we would like to see in the film and five we wouldn’t because admit it or not, we love to see our favourite superhero on the big screen.

Want: Future Flash.

I’m sure you’ll love this suit if you loved Blue Lantern of Flash. The future Flash is just more static and Barry’s skin is literally glowing in this.

This Flash comes from 20 years in future and is repenting on his mistakes which led to the death of Wally West and begins killing his enemies. He’s not really unlike Savitar but we get to see the future Barry Allen coming back from the future.

Don’t want: MK v/s DC Flash.

This is yet again the Silver Age Flash but no one likes this look of Flash. The aim was to look dark: like Batman. But we get disappointed when we look at it as they’ve tried to keep the same theme to the entire character. And come on, Flash isn’t really a dark character in this series.

He did go through horrible things and can even be a villain at times but we’ve always seen an upbeat and optimistic version of Flash onscreen so this wouldn’t just go with the image.

Want: Negative Flash.

The suits looks AMAZING! We’d love to see this in one of our movies and this suit appears only when a speedster utilises negative speed force. It’s cooler and darker.

While the regular speed force gives one power and positive energy, the Negative version does the damage. It allows the speedster to be conductor of electricity and energy.

So it’s clear that if we see Negative Flash in the films, that would be a tricky situation for all.

Don’t want: Hot Pursuit

The coolest thing about this Flash who was actually a cop was that he had a motorcycle and it was created in a way that it can tap into Speed force and generate the same speed as a speedster. Bike is great and amazing, but the suit is something totally forgettable.

It has a black and white design but Flash wasn’t able to pull it off in style. The most off-putting things about the suit was that it has two lights on his shoulders!

Want: Red Death

This is when Bruce Wayne meets Barry Allen. This is costume which might be possible, now that we already have Justice League on big screen. This would be an extremely cool attempt and if you haven’t heard about the character yet and wondering about his villainous origins, it’s because he has lost too many Robins in his pursuit to fight against crime.

This version of Bruce believes in killing people unlike the original Batman and in one of the scenes, when Flash denies him Speed Force, he knocks him out and merges into one being. He’s not a good guy and this could be cool thing to watch on screen.

Don’t want: Flash Parallax.

This is about a horrifying creature which is yellow in colour and though he can make an interesting villain and he once fused with Flash during a fight. During this, he senses Barry’s fear and fuses with him to create Parallax.

But we’re not sure about the CGI they would use to recreate this creepy creature and I guess, it’s one of those things which we just know won’t work out well.

Want: White Lantern.

Barry once got an upgrade and we just couldn’t miss it. If you know about Lanterns, you should know that there two more types of them: White and Black, portraying the battle between good and evil.

In the Blackest Night storyline, we see all our heroes utilising a certain ring for 24 hours to defeat the villains.

This outfit is really slim and cool. The white portion is silvery with a chic look and even the crest of his chest has changed into a cooler one. For now, we can just dream about seeing this on film screen.

Don’t Want: JLA: Age of Wonder.

This is a tribute to Jay Garrick but honestly, this was never good. This costume was the one that put Flash into notice and has been recreated in movies, comic series and TV.

When Barry puts on this suit, we never fail to cringe. We strongly hope that the movie makers don’t go on with this suit because if we see this outfit on screen, things are simply going to get weird.

This suit hardly makes sense for a superhero, not concealing one’s identity and it makes no sense for a hero who has to run crazily fast. Overall, we wouldn’t be too excited for this suit if it pops into the movie.

WANT: Injustice 2 Flash Variants.

Here, Flash has a cool arsenal of outfits to choose from and there can be nothing wrong pointed out in these available suits. For example, the Keystone Savior Mask has a total original look and still it never fails to pay homage to the original Flash.

Sometimes creators change the entire look of the hero till an extent that he’s not even recognisable. The sole purpose of the suit is to conceal identity and protect one from injuries.

These costumes do an excellent job in staying on the vintage style and also recreating a new, rather refreshing style.

Don’t want: Savitar.

You might disagree and argue but we truly feel that this is the most ridiculous suit Flash has ever put on. Okay, yes it looks really cool but carries a dead vibe to it which often intimidates the viewer.

It’s supposed to be the future version of Barry where Barry becomes evil and this suit looks nothing like Flash and ends up looking like an absolute villain. We’ve seen this on television and we hope it stays there. It’s dark and bulky and not just meant for the Cinematic universe.

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