The Flash and the Iron Man resolved Wally West’s BIG issue decades Ago!!

Iron Man and Wally West’s Flash do not possess much in common. Where super-scholar Tony Stark was a titan of the industry prior to him being suited up as one of Marvel’s founding Avengers, Wally West was just a founding Teen Titans member and Barry Allen’s child sidekick before he matured up alongside generations of readers.


Wally West and his approach towards one situation in two different ways

After Flash Forward concluded with Wally acquired ultimate knowledge and the potential of Watchmen’s Doctor Manhattan by sitting in the Mobius Chair, The Flash #750 sees Wally tackle the fractured, contrary history of the DC Universe. As he reminisces back over his own life, Wally sees his first meeting with Barry Allen happen in two completely contrasting ways. While these contradictions may drive Wally West to make reality-quivering changes in Generation Zero: Gods Among Us, Tony Stark found a much-hushed solution to a similar problem almost 20 years back.

The 90s scenario and the Iron man

90s iron man
a grumpy span of time for the iron man

To present it subtly, the ‘90s were a bumpy time for Iron Man. When Iron Man apparently breaks bad, the Avengers bring a 19-year-old Tony Stark to assist them in defeating his older self. After the earlier Iron Man crumbled, “Teen Tony” served as Marvel’s main Iron Man for a short period in 1996.

The crossing

 the crossing avengers
mental Distress caused to tony due to the crossing

While these contrasting memories caused Tony a handful amount of mental distress, he was mostly worried about holding himself to account for the mishaps he seemingly committed in “The Crossing.” Although the Avengers concordantly decided that Stark was ultimately not to blame, he took responsibility to be instating provide safety in his tech to keep anything like that from occurring again. As the end of this story explicitly states, Wally intends to utilize his unbeatable power to rewrite DC history and strongly responds to the questions those contradictions create.

The Unanswered questions

DC and a handful of unanswered questions

By all means, DC seems decided to spend the next several months responding to the questions that Wally West posed about his own life and the rest of DC history. And now, only time will state if the Flash can find an elevated solution that elucidates what came before or if Wally West will try to outpace his past at top-notch speed.

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