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The Flash might be the Fastest Man Alive, but none of DC’s hot rods outrun their final nemesis. He might be the most charismatic character in the DC Universe, but the one thing that none of DC’s speedsters can beat is death itself. From metaphorical limbo to outright radioactive decay, various versions of The Flash have all dime down or perished.

Recently in Flash #751, the Barry Allen version of the character has seemingly been killed again by a villain named Paradox. While The Flash’s many confirmed upcoming airs make it unlikely that the event is permanent, it’s hard the first time Barry Allen or another Flash has run to their respective death. Now, we’re going to inspect some many passing of DC’s fastest man alive, whether it involves going out like a hero or being forgotten to everyone in the DC Universe.

The Flash Family

Flash Wallpapers
The Flash Family.

The death of Barry Allen is the most iconic in the Flash family but still belongs to Barry Allen in Marv Wolfman and George Perez’s Crisis on Infinite Earths. Barry eventually got away and used his immense velocity to stop the Anti-Monitor’s plan to use an anti-matter cannon to destroy the Earth. Wally West For many people is the definitive Flash.

Jay Garrick Like Wally would never have an official death in the comics.

The Present Flash Family

35 The Flash
Barry Allen

Currently, Barry Allen is the Flash who has to outrun his own mortality one more time.
Bart Allen, following the events of Infinite Crisis, would be the new Flash, having been aged up after spending four years in an alternate version of Keystone City. The Flash’s demise would have a dramatic impact on the DC Universe and his sidekick Wally West, who took over Barry’s role as The Flash. This small role as the Scarlet Speedster would lead to possibly the most tragic Flash death of them all. The first time this happened was in The Last Days of the Justice Society of America. Jay would go on to counseling younger speedsters such as Wally West and especially Bart Allen, who he had more of a grandfatherly relationship with than Bart’s actually grandfather, Barry.

The current comic status

Flash vs Arrow Wallpapers
Flash VS Arrow

To one extent, Jay, Bart, and Wally are all on track in some dimension in the current comic book continuity. Unlike most comic book characters, this death stayed in place for years, and it wasn’t undone until 2008’s Final Crisis, over 20 years later.
Throughout his tenure as the Scarlet Speedster, he never actually faced a tragic death as Barry did. It’s sad to know that his slower speed turns him into a release valve for the device’s energy, killing him when it goes off. There’s always been an Intention on gaining more power by erasing the Flash’s legacy.  The Rogues team up with Bart’s old rival of Inertia, who creates a machine built to drain the Speed Force from others.

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