The Flash releases the season 6 premiere episode 

So, “The Flash” season 6 is released already.In the last scene of Season 5 of The Flash, the future daughter of Barry and Iris was Nora West-Allen who was erased from that time stream. The loss was really intolerable for those young parents. and now, the fall out of her sudden abrupt passing away scene will be appeared in Season 6. 

 This will be quite exciting series, people are expecting. 

But as always, there must be some changes and twists in this new season. People are not only interested about Barry’s Flash new costume. And there is an another thing, the current showrunner, Todd Helbing will be replaced by Eric Wallace for some reasons. 


Fans are disheartened because of the replacement


Todd Helbing is replaced by someone else!


From the beginning of The Flash series, Todd Helbing leaded a role on this show and he was beloved by the cast and all the crew members for his talented skills of acting. He is a successful artist with eye-catching attitude and vision as well. So, the fans are really upset to see him replaced. Everybody loved him for this series. But also fans are awaiting for the charismatic outcome of the replacement of that artist. 

 It will be fantastic as well to see a new artist in this character because sometimes change is needed.


So,why should you miss the trailer?


Source: CBR, DenofGeek

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