The Flash Season 9: Iris West-Allen Is Returning – And How!

Iris West-Allen, portrayed by Candice Patton, in CW’s The Flash, is going to make an official return for season 9 of the fan-favourite Arrowverse drama.

Season 8 of The Flash gave fans a twist regarding the show’s female lead. After the whole suffering due to time-sickness ever since the seventh season of The Flash, the arc gets into the upcoming eighth season, where the condition of Iris just keeps getting worse.

Iris West-Allen Was Last Seen In Season 8

The Flash
Iris West-Allen

After having not appeared ever since episode 15, Iris yet again re-emerged in episode 19 of The Flash season 8, only to find herself with her future kids in the year 2049.

But, her appearance was quite temporary as it was found that Iris suffered from time visions, before the massive twist at the end of the first part of the season 8 finale of the show.

What happened to Iris?

The Flash
Season 7

As Barry Allen attempted to use his lightning bolt to blast the Negative Forces, Iris gets summoned into the year 2022, taking the fatal hit. Iris did take the blast, however, the episode got over with Barry’s wife dying in his arms. Given that Bart West-Allen and Nora still exist, Iris’ death was certainly questioned by many as they move to the second part of The Flash season 8 finale this coming week.

Patton Has Signed A New Deal With The Flash

Iris West
Iris West is set to return

As the eighth season of The Flash gets ready to end, the future of Patton on the Arrowverse series has been finally revealed to fans. As reported by TVLine, Patton has gone on to sign a new deal to make a return for season 9 of The Flash, which will debut next year. This stands that whatever takes place in the season 8 finale of The Flash,  Iris is going to be a part of the cast when the series comes back for the ninth season. Patton will be joined by returning cast members Grant Gustin, Danielle Panabaker, Kayla Compton, Brandon McKnight, and Dani Nicolet.

While the death of Iris was one of the biggest ways to end a The Flash episode, it was never really going to stick around for long. Whether it’s DC Comics or live-action, Iris, has always been an integral part of The Flash mythology. Even outside her marriage with Flash, Iris is a prominent Arrowverse journalist, as The Flash successfully explored her media empire rising. With Patton returning for season 9 of the show, her story continues.

As Patton has now signed a deal, the only cast member that the series is losing is Jesse L. Martin’s Joe West for this season. While Martin will still be the lead in an upcoming NBC pilot, the actor is expected to make an appearance next season, but for how many is still unclear. If season 9 of The Flash ends up being the final for the series, it’s still amazing to have the female lead return, as it simply wouldn’t be the same without Iris till the end.



Source: TV Line

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