After a hilarious post as Superman, actor, and comedian Ken Jeong has spent some time in retweeting various Photoshop works and hashtagged tweets, in an attempt to win himself the role of Superman.

Well, obviously he’s joking. Or that’s what we’d like to believe.

The #KenForSuperman and #KenForKent hashtags are flooding the internet which led the actor, Ken Jeong, himself to tweet a pinned image of him as the Man of Steel. Jeong is known for his role of Mr. Chow in the Hangover Trilogy, that earned more than $600 million domestically. In fact, the first two Hangover films made more money than the Justice League in North America.

Henry Cavill’s future as Superman still remains under jeopardy following the rumours of his exit that surfaced over the Internet following a dispute between Cavill and Warner Bros. Although this was denied by Warner Bros, this led many to write Cavill’s epitaph as Superman already.

Cavill has received mixed reviews on his portrayal of Superman till date, that has cultivated a funny public image with many who feel that he could’ve been a really good Superman under the right supervision.

Well, with rumours of his exit circulating the internet, this could Jeong’s only chance to throw his hat into the ring!

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