Mark Ruffalo: Hulk may not appear in MCU again

Over several decades of Hulk stories, many Hulk personas have emerged and Bruce Banner has been on the head levels.    Amadeus described it as a voice in his head during his time as a Hulk, and it seems to be the root of the blindly furious impulses that have long possessed Banner, and that Cho, Leonard Samson, and Jennifer Walters have all struggled with.


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Hulk Syndrome might come directly from Banner’s own long-poaching mania. Lately, the evil Roxxon managerial and minotaur Dario Agger joined forces with the alien monster Xemnu to stop Banner before the Hulk’s campaign could do irredeemable harm to the Roxxon corporation. Xemnu has unleashed his clairvoyant powers on the world, changing people’s memories so they remember an actuality that never existed. In this spurious-recollection reality, Xemnu is a beloved TV star and superhero.


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Banner always went by his first name, Robert, rather than his middle name, Bruce, in this illusion. Xemnu’s changes are causing chaos as they are not yet converted leading to more chaos than in Banner’s mind. The ferocious Hulk is shown to understand what Xemnu is doing, but Banner subdued that Hulk persona after being teleported back to Shadow Base during his fight with Xemnu in Immortal Hulk #31.
Banner is more permitting to Xemnu’s brainwashing, which presumably means that he believes that he is a terrorist. With the brilliant mind of Bruce Banner, all of the stockpiles of Shadow Base, an unstable mind and the impulse to thump humanity, Banner may do anything to achieve his goals. Before Xemnu’s smack, Amadeus Cho warned Banner that his plan to destroy the world’s immoral institutions could end in disaster, and now that warning seems more prescient than ever. If Robert Banner has Hulk-like strength or can manifest his own monstrous Hulk form, he could unleash massive devastation on villains and innocent bystanders alike.


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Inside Banner’s wits, the Savage Hulk is approached by the Green Scar, the Hulk who took on the Marvel Universe in «Planet Hulk» and World War Hulk. He’s ready to join the fight is against Xemnu’s influence. It is strange in the twist of fate that a Hulk who once promised to break the world may be the best hope for saving it.

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