A Sneak Peek Into The Hype About ‘Death Stranding’

There’s a shocking rumor that has taken the internet by storm. Normad Reeds seems to be the reason behind this havoc that is created on the internet. A new thing by the name ‘Death Stranding’ appears to be doing the rounds. These might actually be related to an upcoming game series. A game is known as ‘Silent Hills’ is said to be relaunched. There is an ongoing discussion about this between Hideo Kojima, Konami, and PlayStation. 

The stunning look

Hideo Kojima
At the press conference!!

Aesthetic Gamer is the one that is responsible for carrying spoilers regarding various horror games. However, regarding the rumor about ‘Death Stranding,’ even they are unaware of the same. All the details regarding ‘Death Stranding‘ are likely to be revealed by the end of this year. There are possible chances that this could be related to DLC. However, it could also be something related to virtual reality. Many believe that it might be signs of some sequel coming up. 

When will the suffering end?

Tears in his eyes
Normad Reedus in the game ‘Death Stranding’

As per sources, it can be said that Death Stranding gives a lot of haunted vibes. It seems to be quite complicated; however, through these complexities, you witness many unanswered questions. Death Stranding appears to look quite suspicious with what currently looks like. The sequence looks like it will be related to death. The makers of Death Stranding are all set to bring in something unique and exciting.

Preparing a plan

The players in the game
In a still from the game ‘Death Stranding’

On PlayStation 4, Death Stranding has been trending since November 2019. However, it’s debut on PC is yet to take place. It can be sure that Death Stranding will include enhanced graphics and some breathtaking content.

However, only the coming years will reveal what actually is Death Stranding all about. Have a look at the gameplay,

Source : comicbook.com, PS4

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