The Immortal Hulk’s Most Sinister Transformation !!

The Immortal Hulk’s Most Sinister Transformation !!

The Immortal Hulk had one of his most revolting alterations to trick with, and it included some difficult body horror and Bruce Banner’s carcass.

The Experience of Transformation

Hulk has gone through severe transformations – some for the good, some for the bad

The Hulk has been distorted, swelled up, cut into little parts, and been roasted alive on a frequent enough basis that it’s not unusual to see him get changed in some way. But when it comes to grizzling deaths and loathsome transformations, there’s not much the Hulk has not experienced. The Immortal Hulk has been one of Marvel’s most frightful takes on Marvel’s super-mighty warrior ever, and the chapter has been more of a terror headline than anything else. Despite this all, in the latest subject of Immortal Hulk, the Hulk grows from the orifice of Bruce Banner straight. 

A Mountain of Problems

The Monster finds himself entangled in a world of problems.

While Samson and Dr. McGowan face Robert Banner, the mean social persona Bruce attempted to subdue for decades. He makes it evident that he has always been the evil on Bruce’s shoulder. While we have seen some pretty finicky murders and gut twisted wrenching displays in this book, The Immortal Hulk #33 hits the body terror up a few cuts by giving us Bruce Banner’s most offensive conversion ever. Well, Bruce Banner was still striving beneath Xemnu’s guidance. He visualizes what would occur if he let go, and it is not pretty.

A Dinner of Body Parts

A never seen before sight in the entire Hulk series.

The significance of extreme body horror plays out like a scene from horror films in the likes of The Fly and The Thing, as the Hulk splits Bruce apart from the interior. It is also one of the bloodiest and most critical moments in a book that is already emphasizing gross-out displays like Hulk’s body segments eating people so he can change or reform. All in all, moments like this prove that the Hulk can still pull some unexpected touches out of his sheath.

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