The Importance of Basic Necessities can be Felt Now!

The current lockdown period due to coronavirus has put the entire country to a standstill. The worst people hit by the lockdown are the people who depend upon their work for daily wages. The worst affected segment is the grocery segment. People are facing problems related to the shortage of grocery items. The question that has raised many concerns is how much more time will it take to get the grocery supply back on track? 

Coronavirus Harsh effects!

Coronavirus has led to empty shelves in supermarkets
Women looking out for her grocery items

Countries including Spain and Italy are the ones that have been worst affected since supermarkets are seen to run with empty shelves. Since the nationwide lockdown, the supply chain in the world has been disrupted. Grocery stores are seen to be crowded as people are seen waiting in queues due to the norms imposed by the Government to maintain social distancing. People seem to panic due to the fear of not having adequate stock at home. 

The Lockdown has led to panic buying among consumers!

People have rushed towards panic buying
Empty shelves in the supermarkets

People have started to panic buy stuff which has left the shelves empty in supermarkets. The current situation has resulted in increased demand from every nation putting increasing pressure on retailers to supply goods. Various companies across the globe are increasingly trying to work hard so that the increased demand is met. However, the different products in the supermarket would have different timelines regarding when the product would arrive. 

People are anxiously waiting for the lockdown to end!

The current situation will last for how long no one knows
A still from a supermarket loaded with grocery items

So if one shelf gets filled it does not mean that the others too will get stocked up. However, in order that the current situation gets back to normal, it is advisable that we patiently wait for the crisis to subside. This is actually a testing time for people to see how long they can go without going to the grocery store to purchase their favorite product.

Planning regarding the usage of available products is the only solution now. 

Here’s a look at how things are appearing in public places over the world

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