The Iron man’s suit recreated on Halloween


Halloween always sees some creative and crazy outfits. This year a fan went all out and recreated an Iron man suit that he wore at a comic con event. The outfit is has made the news because of how impressive and real the armor is recreated.

How does the suit look?

How does the suit look?
The Halloween recreated suit

A fan has posted the picture on Reddit wherein we can see that he has attached LED lights on the back. These lights are attached to a motor that is responsible for the functioning of the flaps. The gloves have backlit circles for the repulsor rays. The highlight of the costume is the helmet because the eyes light up after the transformation is complete.

Iron man look then V/S now:

Iron man look then V/S now:
The suit in Avengers: Endgame

The astonishing fact that every fan has pointed out is that the costume is from the earlier movie. the new look was introduced in the movie endgame which is designed by Weta Digital. Comicbook.com interviewed Aitken who has developed this suit. He said that the new suit is improvised such that the nanoparticles move like fluid on the surface to reform new weapons which later solidifies into a metal suit. The suit looks like real human flesh and bones.

Iron man suit in movie scenes:

The pros of the suits are described during the third act face-off between Stark and Thanos the lightning refocuser (generating device) captures thor’s lightning energy and converts it into Iron man’s repulsor energy. This is used to attack Thanos. The cons of the suit are described in the scene where the suit tries to repulse the energy to protect Tony but the energy is too much and it destroys the suit. The suit created gouges in itself.


The iron man suit has changed majorly in the Avengers: the endgame. Though this suit has received a lot of love and acceptance from the fans; the old suit is still remarkable. Fans still recreate different versions of their favorite superheroes.


source: comicbook, Reddit

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