Talking about Star Trek: Picard, it is a web television series. It has started in America with its First season on the 23rd of January 2020. Every Thursday, a new episode of the series is aired. With the seventh episode of Star Trek that came out, it released a wave of remembrance of old memories. When Picard met his old friends, it made memories of the past alive. 

The bright ray of hope

Star Trek : Picard
A still from Star Trek: Picard

However, a significant character from the series saw a somewhat wrong exit. In the series, it can be seen that Borg Hugh suffered from death. The character of Borg Hugh is played by Jonathan Del Arco. In the series, it can be seen that Borg Hugh was killed by the hands of Romulan Narissa Rizzo. The co-writer of this episode has expressed his views over this incident. Michael Chabon, known as the Picard showrunner, is the one who has contributed his bit in this episode.

The innocent one

Borg Hugh
A Dramatic End

He exclaims his sadness on seeing the killing part of Borg Hugh. He further adds that we never had any initial plans to create such an exit for this role. He also said that there were no plans to include Borg in the first place. However, when ideas began coming up we thought it to give it a shot. We had plans to portray the death of the character dramatically. The dramatic end of Borg Hugh in this episode is a shock for its fans.

The co-writer for the Picard series

Michael Chabon
Michael Chabon flaunting his Star Trek Tee

It runs down shock waves among people who loved the character way too much. It can also be seen that shooting that scene was emotionally quite exhausting. Del Arco has explained that it was heartbreaking to watch the end of his character, and what’s more shocking is the fact that he realized about this fact just before shooting.

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