The Joker Controversy was unexpected: Todd Phillips

Some good always receives adverse comments, no matter what, in unimaginable forms. Likewise, The Joker movie released earlier this year was the center for a lot of controversies. Many seemed to be concerned that this film could inspire and bring out violence from the viewers. This was invoked by a family of victims in an Aurora theater shooting where tragically, many were killed during a movie. The Joker movie is a favorite for many which can be identified by the number of memes and Gifs we see every day,

The Joker Movie

The joker Movie fanart

The Joker Starring Joaquin Phoenix is a dark and spectacular story of the origin of the DC Villain. The movie reveals how a failed comedian like Arthur Fleck turns into our most favorite villain, the Joker. Fleck fails to fit into the world and falls into isolation, depression, and is bullied into becoming the best criminal mastermind through prolonged madness.

The Controversy

The controversy brewed bigger due to the claims of people that the villain protagonist in the movie can inspire real-life violence. It also was based on the various memes that were circulated all around the internet. Most people declare that these memes have been taken too seriously by the controversy creators. Most Netizens consider this controversy to be impractically formed by ignorant media. This was the same reaction the director also had!

Phillip’s reaction

Todd Phillips, the director, revealed that he was not worried about the film inducing violence. He called the whole controversy situation a “bulls**t thing.” He went on to call out media who choose a movie often and declared something absurd about them. He seemed to be confident that the film will not spark violence but never imagined the controversy to cause the Warner brothers to cancel the movie altogether. Despite all this, the Joker film brought in a hefty sum of more than $1 billion at the box office.

Todd Phillips and Joaquin on the Sets of the Joker

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