The latest promo of Marvel’s upcoming Eternals is here that flaunts the superpowers of the cosmic family. The team is seen battling the Deviants and save humanity.

Marvel's The Eternals to release on November 5
Marvel’s The Eternals to release on November 5

The latest promo of Eternals features the cosmic family utilizing their power to fight evil and of course, to grab a snack.

Recently, Marvel Studios has shared a new promo of their upcoming film, Eternals, which is soon going to hit the theaters. Apart from a full-fledged trailer of the Marvel film, fans have got an opportunity to see a lot of new glimpses of the Eternals using their powers against the Deviants. One of the most prominent ones is Angelina Jolie’s Thena who uses her cosmic powers on several foes.

In one month, the Marvel Universe becomes Eternal. Experience Marvel Studios’ #Eternals only in theaters November 5.”

The promo also features Phastos, who is seen to be utilizing his powers in combat while Sersi is using her manipulation powers differently. Fans also got a glimpse of Kingo, proving that the Bollywood star is not yet ready to leave the floor when he reunites with his family to fight the Deviants.

Marvel Studios has released a new promo this weekend that is full of new scenes. While the makers are running full-fledged marketing rolls for the epic film, Eternals is also ready to enter the Rome International Film Festival next month. The film features a group of unknown superheroes with Marvel banking on the clout with director Chloe Zhao’s current acclaim.

The Eternals is directed by Chloe Zhao
The Eternals is directed by Chloe Zhao

When asked about the film in detail, this is what Chloe Zhao mentioned: “I think we stand alone as a film for sure. But I do think we will have a very big effect on the future of the MCU with what happens in this film. Which, you know, as a fan, is really satisfying for me! I geek out.” While the film includes some really prominent names from the film industry, Eternals is highly expected to deliver surprisingly a hit story for the MCU fans.

With that said, Marvel’s Eternals is absolutely ready to hit the theaters on November 5.

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