The Lizard: Strongest Alternate Reality Versions Of The No Way Home Villain, Ranked

Marvel is bringing back the Lizard to the big screens. Here are a few alternate reality versions of The Lizard we wish we could see in the MCU in the near future.

Ultimate Lizard

The Lizard – Ultimate Comics

Dr. Curt Connors of the Ultimate Comics Universe is more vicious and violent than the rest of the Lizards found in other universes. His fighting style is extreme and brutal. His tail can shatter concrete and even bend steel. Even Spider-Man would think twice before crossing paths with this guy in the Ultimates Universe. This version of Connors is known to dabble in potentially dangerous experiments. He has not ethics unlike the other parallel Earth lizards. His experiments would one day lead to the creation of the Ultimate Carnage symbiote.

Earth-12128 Lizard


What’s worse than one Spider-Man villain? Two Spider-Man villains!! In Earth-12128 reality, two Spider-Man villains have joined forces. And that too, quite literally. Lizard-Ock possesses all the powers of Connors and the genius level intellect of Doctor Otto Octavius. He has the tentacles of Doc Ock as well as the reptilian physiology of his own. This makes him twice as dangerous. To top it off, Connors is smarter and more cunning than most Spider-Man villains. This makes him a force to be reckoned with.

Earth-21117 Lizard

Martha Connors

Martha Connors is the Lizard of Earth-21117, an alternate reality visited by the multiverse-hopping team – The Exiles. Connors, at first glance, seems like just another run off the mill reptilian villain. But once you start reading her story, even you would take a few steps back. Martha has the ability to infect others with the same serum that made her the Lizard. This has led to a dark alternate reality where the Lizards multiplied so much they eventually took over the entire United States of America.

The Lizard King

Lizard King

In the desolate and bleak timeline of Old Man Logan, the Avengers are no more. In one combined and globally coordinated attack, the supervillains took down the planet and carved their own territories out of it. Wolverine and the rest of the surviving heroes are too few to make a difference. The Lizard, one of the victors of the war, has taken the rulership of Florida, where he rules with an iron fist. The residents of Florida are cured of all diseases and ailments thank to his serum. Since Connors controls all lower reptiles, he can potentially turn his subjects into one huge, super-powered army if necessary.

Marvel Zombies Lizard

Zombie Lizard

The Lizard’s innate ability to heal himself from any injury is perhaps its most deadly trait. No wound or disease is fatal enough to take him down. But he is not immune to death, having died numerous times in Marvel Comics. But there is one parallel earth version of the villain that is even immune to death. In Marvel Zombies, a zombie virus devastates Earth, leaving many heroes and villains as flesh-eating un-dead. Connors is affected as well. This zombie-fied villain is not just immune to death but also retains its brilliant intellectual prowess. It was only with the power cosmic of Galactus that he was defeated in combat.

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