The Matrix Resurrections: Unpopular Opinions

The Matrix: Resurrections has been one of the most eagerly anticipated additions in a cinematic franchise for a certain segment of fans, despite the fact that The Matrix was released over two decades ago. While it may not have the same fandom as Star Wars (or anything in the MCU), it has had a huge impact on pop culture, so it’s not unexpected that, with the debut, the film has already sparked a lot of controversies.


The Matrix Resurrections

Fans first reacted negatively to the film’s subversive plot, which did not appear to cater to the notions, sentiments, or visuals that they expected to witness. Instead of accepting that the film’s goals may have been misunderstood, most fans have polarised on either side of a sharp binary divide. The Matrix Resurrections wanted to convey a storey that was unique and original.

Captures Modern Technology And Society

The Matrix Resurrections


The Matrix, as innovative as it was, was a product of its time. For many fans, it encapsulates the attitudes and notions of the late 1990s and the start of the new century, while also being insightful, analytical, and foresighted. It made a statement about technology while simultaneously demonstrating some of the most cutting-edge filmmaking techniques. The film feels like a modern-day version that compares current technological and communication advancements to those of the past, almost like a time capsule.

Meant To Reflect On Expectations

The Matrix Resurrections

With twenty years of new filmmaking skills to offer, fans expected The Matrix: Resurrections to be even more fantastic than the previous films. The film they were given was a letdown, especially since its production values and lore didn’t seem to improve on what had previously been shown. To add fuel to the flames, certain beloved characters (such as Agent Smith) were given new looks.

The film is a critique intended to “return us to our flawed reality,” and its “terrible beyond words” status makes it revolutionary, capable of “awakening viewers” to their captivity to reboots, remakes, and unoriginal concepts. The majority of fans didn’t understand the point of mocking modern culture with awful jokes and stilted acting if it meant sacrificing all they enjoyed about the first trilogy.

Works As An Artistic Statement

The Matrix Resurrections

The Matrix: Resurrections had a lot of powerful characters, but fans who expected them to act the same way in the sequel or to be part of the same world-building and lore were disappointed. They didn’t want to hear a meta-statement about the franchise; they wanted to hear about the franchise’s future plans.
Because everyone has different tastes, art will not please everyone, but most fans considered the director’s message was veiled by the way it was presented.

Breaking Free From Preconceptions

When a franchise means a lot to a fan, it might be difficult to adjust to the creative decisions made by the franchise. Fans felt disregarded, shunned, and belittled after watching The Matrix: Resurrections to ridicule itself and what made its franchise intriguing.
Preconceptions must be shattered in The Matrix, and [the audience’s] expectations must be changed. Many fans did not agree with Lana Wachowski’s assessment of suffocation and did not appreciate the film’s altered tone, which, like the new portrayal of Morpheus, was too off-putting.

Prachee Mishra
Prachee Mishra

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