The MCU Role Will Smith Was Reportedly In The Race For

Will Smith has faced a lot of backlashes after the Oscars 2022 incident. The Academy announced that Will Smith is now banned from the awards for 10 years! That has further divided the world into two parts. Some think that it was justified others think the penalty is too harsh.

He had played Deadshot in Suicide Squad and was apparently done with DCEU. He was one of the reasons apart from Margot Robbie that got the movie garnered success. But after that WIll Smith really wanted to switch universes and work in Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Can Will smith still be in MCU
Will Smith as Deadshot

Many fans thought this was the very reason that Idris Elba made an appearance and Deadshot didn’t as the new Suicide Squad leader.

Which Marvel Character was he expected to play?

Was Will Smith going to be in MCU?
Could they still manage to cast Will Smith in MCU?

Back in 2021, it was reported by Giant Freakin Robot that Will Smith will surely return to our screens as a superhero but it won’t be with DCEU. He wants to go to MCU and he has been very clear about wanting a Major Role and not a supporting one.

There had been reports that he was already in talks with Marvel Studios and they also reached a certain agreement. This surely made MCU fans excited to have some like Will Smith joining the team.

Here’s what Robert Littal had tweeted about this “news”

Everyone was expecting Will Smith to portray a major role in the franchise as a part of the X-Men or the Fantastic Four team. It’s sad that it might just not be possible now. Had the Oscar 2022 incident not happened, we could have possibly seen the Oscar-winning actor in some role.

How could have MCU benefited by casting Will Smith?

Will Smith surely is a successful and phenomenal actor and has his own immense fanbase. He has proved himself in different kinds of roles be it in a movie or even in any series! Now MCU already has so many fans so if that added Will Smith fans too, they wouldn’t mind it.

A fan wanted Will Smith to play Reed Richards

While other fans had been expecting him to play Adam Brashear!

We doubt that he would still be a contender for these roles now, do you think he should play in MCU?

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