The Most Disgusting Movies Ever Made, Ranked

Violence has always been a controversial subject in the film industry, and of course, there are valid reasons why filmmakers go back to it over and over again. Firstly, moviegoers love violence. Why else would we get a kick out of watching people getting punched in the face? Perhaps it’s because mega studios really need to push the limit of gore if they want to make as much money from their product as possible.

Of course, we can’t deny that everyone knows that all of this is staged for good or for bad. But does that mean we should not get behind these movies? There are plenty of other emotions one can feel when watching a movie (terror, fear, etc.). So why should things be left out? Well as long as it is ethical to conduct when making a movie you should not feel bad about partaking in violence. With all being said, these are the 5 most disgusting movies ever made, ranked in descending order –

A Serbian Film

You can tell from the title alone that this film is going to be reprehensible and you’re right, it is. A Serbian Film puts Serbia’s actions against its people in a very realistic light as we learn through flashbacks how Miloš’s life has strayed far away from its original course. The government forces performers to take part in atrocious acts of violence that’ll certainly leave you shaken. Though humans are capable of doing horrible things like these often throughout history, there is one particularly evil act performed towards the end of this film that will leave even seasoned viewers horrified and disturbed.

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Top disgusting movies of all time
A Serbian Film

Cannibal Holocaust

Cannibal Holocaust is not food for the weak-stomached or faint of heart. That goes without saying. But what many people fail to recognize while they may enjoy the obvious antics on display here, is that behind all of the gore and brutality is a sort of an ideology prescribed by director Ruggero Deodato. While Cannibal Holocaust might kick things off with some basic shock tactics to bait its potential viewers into watching its story unfold, it’s actually got quite a few messages about white saviors, colonialism, and even sensationalistic reporting. It’s probably not for everyone. But if you’re willing to turn your brain on and watch this movie critically, Cannibal Holocaust will take you from disgusting to smart in no time.

Top disgusting movies
Cannibal Holocaust

Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer

If you haven’t gone back to watch Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, do yourself a favor and see it. There is an artist who makes art as horrific as Henry can only come once every generation. The killers in this film happen to be insane but they still make sense if that makes any sense. This is without a doubt one of the most brilliant films ever made. It requires you not to rationalize what goes on. The casualness of this film’s vicious murders ranks among some of the most chilling ever captured on film. Not because they’re particularly gory or upsetting (though they can be), but because they’re realistic.

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Top disgusting movies, ranked
Henry – Portrait of a Serial Killer

In A Glass Cage

This movie has catalyzed a unique idea. It is drawn from a novel of the same title, by an Argentinian author, about a man who was abused during WWII by an officer, whose name he forgets. He is a nurse in his own life but dreams to replace the sadistic Nazi doctor he once met. He becomes his victim and appears in front of him on his death bed as an iron lung patient on which the actual doctor is dependent for breathing and inadvertently kills him with oxygen deprivation as compensation for past abuses.

Top disgusting movies to watch
In a Glass Cage

The Snowtown Murders

This film is a slow burn with some of the most stomach-churning scenes in recent memory. It is a psychological thriller based on the true story of John Bunting, who recruited a group of townspeople to help him murder homeless men, pedophiles, and homosexuals. This film is equally nauseating and enthralling. Director Justin Kurzel succeeds brilliantly in making us feel revulsion for what we are watching and preventing us from looking away.

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5 Top disgusting movies
The Snowtown Murders
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