The Most Intense TV Shows Ever Made, Ranked

Television is a medium that has, for decades, considered itself to be the lesser form of art, compared directly to the cinema. However, things have changed and more and more people are turning to television in its modern form as an alternative pastime. A plethora of intense TV shows exists that keeps the audience entertained throughout their viewing experience.

While there is a lot of good content out there these days regarding television shows, it would be virtually impossible not to acknowledge that the last few decades have been the golden age of intense TV shows. With that being said, this article will highlight the 5 most intense TV shows ever made in the television industry. They’d be listed as per their rank (in ascending order) according to IMDb. Let’s begin –

The Twilight Zone Has An IMDb Rating Of 9.0

This show is widely regarded as one of the best intense shows to ever air. The original Twilight Zone aired from 1959 until 1964. But it managed to get regularly revived, even most recently on CBS All-Access, hosted by Jordan Peele. Each episode is focused on a different character involved in a different situation. The episodes will leave you questioning your own reality. Talking animals, aliens, and monsters in human form are all common components of these episodes. The episodes also come with suspenseful and scary situations that keep you invested until the end. They’re able to do things that would be impossible for another show at the time which has only furthered its legendary status throughout the years.

Intense TV Shows
The Twilight Zone

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Sherlock Has An IMDb Rating Of 9.1

It’s no surprise that BBC’s Sherlock was a worldwide hit and it still is. It may not be the longest-running TV show, but it’s the most captivating when it comes to intense screenwriting and casting. Sherlock and Watson are lifelike on-screen; thanks to namely Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman who were both able to create iconic roles. The two previously worked together in The Hobbit. Despite how much we love their version, there have been other attempts at bringing Sherlock Holmes stories to life and Elementary is one of them. However, even after having seasons and movies under its belt, CBS’s Elementary has fallen behind BBC’s Sherlock in terms of ratings.

Intense TV Shows

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The Sopranos Has An IMDb Rating Of 9.2

This intense TV Show stayed loyal to its namesake; The Sopranos. It was groundbreaking in its own way. While not necessarily a show that took the world by storm when it first aired, The Sopranos garnered critical acclaim for the stellar performances from leading man James Gandolfini as well as Edie Falco, who played his wife Carmella Soprano. The married couple was imperfect and complicated but still seemed to manage and maintain a certain level of balance in their lives. Whatever obstacles were thrown their way, whether it be Carmella’s past coming back to haunt her or the constant onslaught of external threats they faced while trying to run their business effectively.

Intense TV Shows
The sopranos

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The Wire Has An IMDb Rating Of 9.3

HBO’s The Wire deserves to be seen as one of the best television shows of all time. It should also get considered as a pioneering part of a new way of telling gritty and intense stories about situations that are typically bleak, depressing, and dull. This show was able to connect viewers to characters that they would have never had the opportunity to otherwise meet in real life and even work with under any other circumstances. Formerly known mostly as a journalist who worked for the Baltimore Sun, David Simon is widely considered one of the most gifted TV writers ever produced.

Intense TV Shows
The Wire

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Band Of Brothers Has An IMDb Ranking Of 9.4

The ten-episode dramatic miniseries Band of Brothers is based on the 1992 book by Stephen E. Ambrose, chronicled the history of an American Army platoon during the Second World War. The series was produced with a budget of $125 million. It utilized the talents of Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks who previously collaborated together in Saving Private Ryan. Spielberg and Hanks delivered a magnificent representation that captured all aspects surrounding themselves throughout filming. Thus, they delivered an experience that felt true to life for viewers everywhere.

Intense TV Shows
Band of Brothers

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