The name battle of Arrowverse

The CW’s Arrowverse has marked the end of an era. Arrow has aired its series finale. It is the series that kicked off the network’s extended universe of DC Comics-inspired programming. The Flash star Danielle Panabaker has questioned what to call the interconnected world of storytelling.

Arrowverse after going off

arrowverse going off
Arrowverse finale episode aired on Tuesday

The stars of the Arrowverse said goodbye to the series in a recent TV Guide video. Panabaker a.k.a. Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost in The Flash wanted to know what they’d call the Arrowverse post-Arrow. She asked if it was time for it to be “The Flashverse.”
The question of what the Arrowverse things will be called after Arrow goes off-air is being asked since last year when it was announced that the Arrowverse would conclude its run shortly after the events of “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” The Arrow star Stephen Amell said that he didn’t think that the universe should lose its established name when asked about the future of the franchise at Fan Exp Boston.

Stephen Amell on the name

Stephen amell
Stephen Amell on the name

“I think that kind of by definition once our show is done then in my opinion it… Grant (Gustin) as Barry Allen becomes the central point in the universe for sure and he’ll do a great job with it,” Amell said. “Just don’t start calling it the Flashverse … just keep calling it the Arrowverse. But you know, there will always be… we just happened to be first.”

Other name suggestions

Other names
Fan popular names ‘Flashverse’ or ‘Flarrowverse’

It looks like the name Arrowverse will stock. Though, more names like The Flashverse or The Flarrowverse are also among the choices of the fans.
Melissa Benoist (Supergirl) said that Stephen is leaving a pretty incredible legacy. She adds, “You know, we almost have our own Justice League on television, and the universe is massive, and he was always at the helm. So it’ll be different without him and an adjustment without him there and without all the Arrow people there.”

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